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summer stern talking to please

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annandale Wed 03-Aug-16 19:56:43

So we have come him early from our holiday with the PILs as dh had become really ill (psychotic). We had been going abroad for a few days afterwards but have had to cancel that too, and it was such short notice we haven't saved much on the trip.

We're at him, dh is much better, and I am just feeling really meh. It was the right decision but I was so looking forward to going abroad, hadn't gone for two years, was only 3 nights in a B&B but I am sad it's not happening.

Now it's up to me to try and get some free or cheap stuff happening for ds who's 12. I played tennis with him today so that was good, and got a dvd from the library but he has turned a family film session down. Tell me your bright ideas as I am in quite a sulky mood and need to snap out of it.

annandale Wed 03-Aug-16 19:57:29

Home x2 not him. Autocorrect.

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