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London Zoo in August

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Toffeelatteplease Fri 22-Jul-16 22:18:47

What do I need to know? Is the food any good? Are the beat the queue tickets worth it?

Hassled Fri 22-Jul-16 22:22:30

The food was pretty shit the last time I went (a year or so ago?) and I've never bought a beat the queue thing or queued for long. It's always crowded, but a really good day out.

Toffeelatteplease Mon 25-Jul-16 17:51:05

Thanks Hassled. Packed lunch it is then!

Barbeasty Wed 27-Jul-16 15:51:45

The food was ok last weekend. £5.25 for a child's meal (pasta & tomato sauce, fish and chips). Burger for the grown ups was £7.95, add £2 for bacon and cheese, another £2 for chips..... Lots of options.

We got there at about 10.05 on Sunday. The queue out along the pavement was for the fast track tickets/ members. It took us 10 minutes to get in from the other queue.

Worth noting is that they have at least 1 water fountain thing so you can refill your own water bottles.

Both children (6 and 3) were fed up by lunchtime and we all felt that we prefer West Midlands Safari park. Glad we've been but we won't be doing it again.

Look at getting cheap train tickets into a London station if you can and use the 2 for 1 rail deal. It meant we only paid for the adults so only £56 for the 4 of us. I'd really resent paying full price for it.

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