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London- just me

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Bonywasawarriorwayayix Thu 09-Jun-16 16:19:01

I'm going to London by myself for a Sunday at the end of June.
In the past, I've generally gone to the National Gallery and eaten Japanese food so I need some new ideas please.
I'll be travelling to/from King's Cross.

hifi Tue 14-Jun-16 15:58:38

Kings cross itself is fabulous now. Loads of restaurants and shops.

The Royal Academy summer exhibition is on

Ive always fancied this
Borough market and surrounding area
Columbia Rd flower market is great, loads of food stalls and shops. Head off to Shoreditch and Spittlefields market after,

adrianabelshaw Wed 22-Jun-16 12:23:47

Theres tons of stuff that you can do in London - depends on your interests really. If you like visiting museums, I would definitely recommend you to go to the Natural History Museum. You might as well enjoy going to Camden Town which is very hippy and unusual for the rest of London - theres a great food market as well! I like street markets, so will definitely recommend Covent Garden as well. If you simply enjoy shopping you can go down Oxford Street or visit the Westfield shopping centre either in Stratford or in Shepherds Bush. If it is sunny, I would recommend you to go for a walk in Regents park as it is one of the loveliest parks in London. Hope that helps.

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