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Day trip recommendations in/near Peak District please?

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Tigerblue Wed 25-May-16 14:30:47

We're staying in a cottage in the Peak District next week. Can anyone recommend anywhere in the Peak District or nearby to visit please?. We like walking, historic houses, museums, shopping, scenery, quaint villages, fun things. DCs are a little older so we don't near to worry about play areas etc.

heron98 Wed 25-May-16 15:12:14

This advice may be somewhat dated as it was 1992 when I went there (!) but I have always remembered going to somewhere called The Heights of Abraham when I was about 10 with a cable car ride. It was somewhere in the Peak District. It must have been good if I still remember it all these years later!

goodenoughmum88 Wed 25-May-16 18:21:20

Chatswlrth house is lovely with beautiful gardens and you can get an awesome pork pie from the shop there (assuming you're not veggie?!?).
There's some beautiful walks including around Jacobs ladder.
Bakewell is pretty and you can stop for the obligatory pudding.

It's lush, went there the year before we had DC 1 and had some beautiful hikes. Enjoy.

FurryTurnip Wed 25-May-16 18:30:41

Agree with Chatsworth, expensive but worth it, gorgeous house and gardens, you could easily spend a day pottering around the grounds. Walk over to the little village of Edensor, lovely little tea rooms there, good food.

There are some lovely walks, you won't struggle to find one!

Eyam is a lovely little village with interesting history as a plague village. Next week is a good time as some of the well dressings will have started.

As mentioned above, Heights of Abraham is good but I would say more for younger children. Cable cars up to caves and play areas, but expensive for what there is.

Where are you staying, may be able to come up with more!

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Wed 25-May-16 18:32:51

Castleton and the caves are good. Nice village with a few shops as well.

The otter place is great, can't remember the name of it but I'm sure Google will find it.

Dh and dd went to the tram museum at Crich recently and said it was good.

YaySirNaySir Wed 25-May-16 18:37:24

Tideswell for the "Cathedral of the peak" and wood sculpture trail.
Castleton caves- one has a boat ride.
Eyam plague village.
Dovedale and tissington walk up Thorpe cloud.
Definitely Chatsworth house and garden.
There's a white water rafting place at Matlock.
Padley gorge.
The Derwent dams. All have lovely walks, cafes and scenery.
Bakewell has some nice shops.
Haddon hall.
So much more, I could go on and on. I live a few miles out and love it here. smile

Lilymaid Wed 25-May-16 18:55:58

What about bike rides along one of the trails - Tissington, High Peak, Manifold etc. Bike hire available.

lavenderdoilly Wed 25-May-16 20:04:02

Another for Castleton and Chatsworth. Castleton caves are cool. Peveril castle on top of the caves is also cool. Chatsworth - never been in th house, is wonderful.

boldlygoingsomewhere Wed 25-May-16 20:07:55

Hardwick Hall is not too far and is also lovely.

BuntyBlue Wed 25-May-16 20:12:53

I love Castleton and Chatsworth. Also if the weather is nice, there is a lovely outdoor swimming pool in hathersage.

Potcallingkettle Wed 25-May-16 20:16:47

Lots of good walking places.
Monsal Head
Lose Hill
Harrington and Dovedale
Lathkill dale
Derwent Reservoir

Hire bikes at Hassop station and cycle through the tunnels and along the old railway line

Visit Haddon Hall or Hardwick Hall

Scramble over rocks at Stanage, Burbage, Curbar or Higger Tor

Treat yourself to lunch or tea at Hassop Hall

Go Ape at Buxton

Book a climbing session with a local provider

Enjoy - it is beautiful!

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Wed 25-May-16 20:22:20

Hassop station has a great cafe and gift shop/book shop as well.

Dakin1 Wed 25-May-16 20:26:30

Visiting Eyam (where the plague originated from) is interesting and Eyam is very pretty

Runningupthathill82 Wed 25-May-16 20:31:03

There's several stunning walks - such as from Ashford in the Water to Monsal Head, and up Padley Gorge from Grindleford.
The caves at Castleton are fun, and you could do a walk up Mam Tor at the same time.
Chatsworth is pricey but worth a visit. Great adventure playground.

pearlgirl Wed 25-May-16 20:35:15

Padley gorge and longshaw.
If you like walking the stanage and frogatt edges. Bakewell is lovely.

insan1tyscartching Wed 25-May-16 20:47:20

I like a look around Eyam, a village that was affected by the plague in 1665. It's sobering to see the graves and read and see what happened there.
Hire a bike at Parsley Hay and cycle along the Tissington Trail.

Tigerblue Thu 26-May-16 09:39:18

Thanks for lots of replies. You've given me loads of possibilities - I've made a list and am going to go through them!

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