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Scarborough, Filey or Bridlington for a day out?

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WideWoman Fri 20-May-16 08:18:37

2 primary aged DC want to go for a day out to the seaside during half term.

We've never been to any of the above, but we'll be within about an hour and a half's drive of all three. Don't know which to choose.

Because it's only a day trip, we don't need anywhere with extra fun activities for the DC, the beach will be enough (but donkey rides would be a bonus!)

We want an attractive seaside town, easy to find parking spaces, nice beach for the DC, place to have a picnic that isn't actually the beach so we don't end up ingesting loads of sand, good fish and chip place for tea before we go home.

Any recommendations?

Snowflake16 Sat 28-May-16 09:51:24

Scarborough is the biggest of the 3, the south beach is great for families, donkey rides, cafes.You have peasholm park on the north side, (great for picnics) which is about a 1 mile walk along the front, but you can get the bus round.
Bridlington is slightly smaller than Scarborough, again you have the choice of 2 beaches, the south been the best one for families. It can feel very busy there at times especially around the harbour which do lovely fish and chips, also has kids rides. The north side is much quieter with a cliff top walk upto sewerby hall, that would be a good place for a picnic.
Filey is very small but again has a lovely beach, you can do a lot of rock pooling with the kids and there is an amazing cliff top walk were you can see out towards Scarborough. The seafront is small but has a few lovely cafes, fish and chips. Also has a lovely park area with seating looking out towards to sea.
All 3 have lots going for them and I've visited them many times, Filey is more relaxing than the other 2. Parking shouldn't be a issue at any of them but will cost you around £5 for the whole day. Scarborough may charge a little more depending on where you park.

taytotayto111 Tue 31-May-16 17:07:57

Scarborough by a mile imo anyway. Parking is very expensive. We usually park in the shopping centre where debenhams is but there are others very close. The beach is great and our children love it there. Filey is less busy and I don't like the beach there. But that's just me.

lavenderdoilly Tue 31-May-16 17:12:34

Filey beach has loads of fossils - devil's claw type things. It's a bit basic but we loved it. Scarborough has more to do when the tide is in. I would go to either tomorrow if I wasn't so far away.

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