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I have 6 for half price at diggerland if any1 wants it + more...

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charliecat Fri 21-May-04 11:05:56

I have a voucher for 6 half price entrys to diggerland, Srood. Valid till 27.06.04...not valid for special event days though.
I also have 1 Kid go half price at the hop farm in paddock wood.
And 2 for 1 at Lakeside & Brentwood Karting centre for a half hour practice session.
And kid goes free with adult at Dover Museum + Bronze age gallery.
If you would like any of these please contact me via mn.

charliecat Fri 21-May-04 11:43:32


charliecat Fri 21-May-04 17:07:18


lou33 Fri 21-May-04 17:12:47

Charliecat, I would be interested in the Diggerland vouchers please.

charliecat Fri 21-May-04 17:29:48

well do the c.a.t thing and ill get it in the post tommorow, its one voucher valid for up to six folks half price is that ok?

lou33 Fri 21-May-04 19:16:53

Fantastic, thanks .

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