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Paultons park - can I go alone with DC (8,5, 2)

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Fuckitfay Mon 24-Aug-15 03:23:42

I want to go to Peppa Pig land at Paultons Park for DD3's 2nd birthday.
We're going mid October on a Sunday so I hoping the chilly weather will mean it's not too busy.
However DH is working. Will I be able to manage to take that combination of DC (aged 8, 5 and just 2) on enough rides to make it worthwhile. Obviously the main part of the day is Peopa Pig world for DD3's birthday but it would be nice for the older two DC to be able to go on rides in the main paultons park as it's about 2 hours drive away and expensive to get in.
Am happy for DC aged 8 and 5 to ride alone but am concerned there will be things the 5 year old wants to go on but can't as won't have an adult accompanying. Or am I mad to attempt this alone.

Levatrice Thu 10-Sep-15 07:46:29

Sorry no help, just interested in replies as i want to take 2 by myself and didnt know if the rides would have big enough seats for 3 to sit together smile

Fuckitfay Wed 16-Sep-15 09:19:24

Hi levatrice it doesn't sound like there are many rides with three seats. How old are your DC? I messaged paultons park on Facebook and they suggested parent swap which I might do when the toddler has lunchtime nap and 8 yr old can go on alone then wait with sleeping toddler strapped into buggy at ride exit while I go on with 5 yr old. These are quite specific circumstances tho and am lucky that 8 yr old is sensible and I am happy for her to do that. Will only do during toddler nap tho due to potential for toddler tantrums otherwise even if she is strapped in. Might be worth messaging paulton park as they replied quickly to me and were v helpful. The website has quite a good description of each ride and heights and ages etc may give you a hint as to rides with 3 seats

Levatrice Wed 16-Sep-15 22:16:43

Thanks fay! Dc are nearly 4 and 5, so i will email/fb them and see what they say as its a 3hour drive from my house so would rather wait until someone else could come too if thats the case!

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