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Wisley - Alice's Tea Party

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lilyfire Fri 14-Aug-15 23:05:41

I was thinking of going to Wisley with my mum and three boys - 7,9 and 11. Has anyone been to the Alice's Tea Party thingy there? It's quite expensive and I understand you get food and the website suggests there's some sort of performance, but I can't find any details. Just wondered if anyone had experience and thought it was worth it/not worth it?

AryaForQueen Fri 14-Aug-15 23:58:02

We love wisley but we have a membership so it's good value for money for lots of visits over the year. I'm not sure it's worth the entry fee for just a day visit as that's quite expensive. Also the tea party is on top of your entrance fee so you'd be paying £56 for the tea party plus £39ish entry for the 5 of you, a lot of money for what it is in my opinion. If you are local I would highly recommend a membership, £60ish for a year which includes 3 adults and up to 4 kids and there are quite a few organised days over the year plus the gardens are always good for a ' free' day out when you have nothing else on, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it for a one off day out unless you are loaded and £100 is small change.

lilyfire Sat 15-Aug-15 00:07:37

Thanks for reply. We are fairly local and have been from time to time. My mum is a member so I get in free and just pay for children- so not so horrific. I think they'd like the Alice theme and so we will go, but the tea party seems so expensive - but maybe not too bad if it's a nice tea and really good performance. The website just doesn't seem to have many details and seems a lot of money to ask for when very vague about what it is.

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