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Coughton Court and Birmingham Botanical Gardens

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bea Sun 09-May-04 19:59:17

Just want to thoruoghly rec these places to fellow mumsnetters! Due to the recent lovely weather (when was that? you all ask!) we've been out and about...

Coughton Court - National Trust near Alcester, a fantastic place to go to! lovely walks round the lake, bluebell woods, yummy restaurant (highchairs etc), playground, etc etc... the other weekend we stayed from opening to closing... letting toddler and cousin play in the playground, whilst we adults drank tea and eat cakes... hmmmm

Birmingham Botanical Gardens - am ashamed to say have been in Birmingham for a good couple of years now and except for a posh banquet about 8 yrs ago have never been back there since... until last week when after being told what a fnatastic place it is for families i finally visited and promptly joined up for an annual pass... lovely walks amongst all flora and fauna, brilliant playground and a lovely 'Discovery Garden for 3-6 yrs... hands on and interactive!, nice restaurant... and best of all... no dogs allowed so you know when your kiddie goes running off to hide under the HUGE rhodedenrums,,, you are sure she is not going to come back covered in dos s**t!!!

what more could you want!!!

Have fun visting and there's more to Brum than what you can see from the M6!!!

bea Sun 09-May-04 20:00:37

i meant 'dog s**t!'

but i'm sure you all know what i meant!

Nutcracker Sun 09-May-04 20:08:28

I've lived in Brum all my life and have never been to the Botanical gardens.
Will definatly give it a go now.

bea Mon 10-May-04 09:57:10

ooo! go Nutcracker it's an oasis in the middle of the city!

Nutcracker Mon 10-May-04 10:01:48

I went through a phase of wanting to get married there Bea, haven't a clue why as i'd never been there.
Will definatly go soon.

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