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London Dim Sum Recommendations

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TheMoreItSnows Thu 30-Jul-15 18:17:10

I remember as a kid being taken to have Dim Sum in London, it was a treat, a bit unusual and I'd like my kids to have a similar experience.

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that does a good selection of Dim Sum at lunchtime, not too super busy or trendy?

Kids are 9 & 10 so it doesn't have to be too 'child friendly' , but needs to have the right 'atmosphere' of being a bit unusual and different. Thanks.

HomeHelpMeGawd Thu 30-Jul-15 18:33:39

Yauatcha is great. It's in Soho rather than Chinatown but it's truly fab.

TheMoreItSnows Thu 30-Jul-15 22:03:31

Thanks for the recommendation, anyone been to anywhere good in Chinatown recently for the 'immersive' experience!?

FairyPenguin Fri 31-Jul-15 07:02:01

If you want the trolley experience the. I think New World still has them. Right in the heart of Chinatown too so you could take them to a Chinese bakery to choose dessert and also see all the roast ducks hanging in windows.

Eastpoint Fri 31-Jul-15 07:09:00

There are lots of places which serve dim sum in Chinatown & there's a bakery where they have a machine which makes fish shaped cakes in the window if you walk up from Leicester Square tube. If you are over in South Kensington Jia is very good, it's near the music shop. Yauatcha is wonderful but more expensive than the Chinatown restaurants or Jia, it has a Michelin star. There are some other places for dim sum on Queensway if you decided to go to the Princess Diana Memorial playground in Kensington Gardens.

CorporeSarnie Fri 31-Jul-15 18:37:28

I remember New World from days of yore, always good for dim sum. In fact I probably first went at a similar age to your DC.

LovingKent Sat 01-Aug-15 16:34:49

Eastpoint is right. Lots of places to have dim sum but some of them are terrible quality. Imperial China is where we always go Imperial China. Food is really good, good range of other stuff if you don't fancy dim sum. A good Chinese bakery is just round the corner on Newport Place. Sorry can't remember it's name. On Queensway we would go to New Fortune Cookie but don't think it serves dim sum. Have been to Yauatcha - it is excellent but quite expensive. Have married into a Chinese family fussy about their good and these are where they would recommend!

TheHoundsBitch Sat 01-Aug-15 17:29:37

Kam tong in bayswater is nice, lots of chicken feet and thing like that in the menu! The food was lush but it does look a bit run down from the outside and isn't decorated particularly nicely.

TheMoreItSnows Sun 02-Aug-15 20:57:35

Thanks everyone - some great suggestions here!

LovingKent Wed 05-Aug-15 16:25:13


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