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Beaches near Canterbury

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clearsommespace Thu 16-Jul-15 13:34:18

Can anyone recommend a beach near Canterbury please. We would prefer to avoid crowded resort towns with arcades etc. Sand and sea will suffice although if there's an ice-cream van that would be a plus. Ideally there would be a pleasant short walk starting at the beach as we will be a large group with some maturer elements who don't necessarily want to build sandcastles all the time.

Bramshott Thu 16-Jul-15 13:45:00

Reculver? It's years since I've been there though, and I can't remember whether it's sand or pebbles.

clearsommespace Thu 16-Jul-15 14:05:38

Thanks. It looks nice but it's shingle.

clearsommespace Thu 16-Jul-15 15:22:23

Bumping my own thread...

Floralnomad Thu 16-Jul-15 15:27:53

Try one of the bays near Margate , Westgate and St mildreds are usually fairly quiet ,both have nice cafes and nice promenades where you can walk to the next bay along . At westgate if you walk along towards Margate there is a very nice small crazy golf course and another cafe attached ( very cheap slush puppies) . Minnis bay is also nice but tends to get busier and the tea shop is further from the beach .

clearsommespace Thu 16-Jul-15 16:03:57

Looks good. Thanks.

Pommes Thu 16-Jul-15 16:07:45

Broadstairs - Botany Bay in particular. Viking Bay and Joss Bay are more fun for children. Kingsgate is particularly nice but very difficult to park near, therefore quite isolated.

Pommes Thu 16-Jul-15 16:10:10

If it's a long walk you are after you could start on the beach, then walk along the cliffs between all three. Follow the Viking cycle trail...

SophiePendragon Thu 16-Jul-15 16:16:00

Second Broadstairs, it's far far nicer than anywhere else round here and there are nice walks too.

clearsommespace Thu 16-Jul-15 16:16:22

Not long, no. The walk is only to keep grandparents busy if they get bored watching the DGCs build castles.

Pommes Thu 16-Jul-15 16:20:45

Ah! In that case you could go to Botany Bay, the DCs will love the sand... the DGPs will possibly enjoy the hotel overlooking the beach, for a coffee or glass of wine.

Alternatively DCs will absolutely LOVE Viking Bay and you'll all enjoy Morreli's icecream parlour just off the beach, best icecream I've tasted anywhere in the UK. Added plus is the lift to the beach. Lots of little cafes and benches amongst lovely flowers too.

BertrandRussell Thu 16-Jul-15 16:23:15

We like Dumpton Gap because we can take the dog all year round. The tea shop is the slowest in the universe, though!

Otherwise Minnis- but check the tides- it's a long way to the sea at low water!

Floralnomad Thu 16-Jul-15 17:06:02

bertrand can I ask what the parking is like at Dumpton as I can't find it on the website - we generally take our dog to Camber but my dd struggles with the sand dunes ( she has CFS) .

BertrandRussell Thu 16-Jul-15 17:10:54

Floral- there's on street parking above the beach- we've always managed to find a spot (touch wood). Then there's quite a steep but short hill down to the beach. I woildn't care to push a wheelchair up it if that's relevant to you. It's quite a small beach but it never seems to get really busy. Maybe because ti's so close to the better known ones.

Floralnomad Thu 16-Jul-15 17:14:59

Might give it a whirl next week ,if it looks like too much of a hike we don't have to stop - thanks for your help.

eatyourveg Thu 16-Jul-15 17:16:43

Tankerton - never crowded - always lovely

clearsommespace Thu 16-Jul-15 18:13:17

Thanks for all these suggestions. Web research tells me some are ideal for us. Just have to pick one now!

BertrandRussell Thu 16-Jul-15 18:32:20

But really, don't forget the tide.

BertrandRussell Thu 16-Jul-15 18:33:28

Apart from anything else, lots of Kent beaches are muddy when the tide is out.

clearsommespace Tue 21-Jul-15 07:14:15

Thanks everyone. Went to St Mildred's as we got a RL recommendation for that one too. It was just what we needed and the weather was lovely too!

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