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Hancock museum, Newcastle

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juniper68 Mon 03-May-04 17:04:39

we all went there today on the train and had a fantastic time. They have robotic dinosaurs there until May 9th so the boys enjoyed that. There's a lovely quiet den area for young children, with lots to see and do. I couldn't believe how good it was and that we haven't been before now. My DH is fascinated by egyptology and there's an exhibition on that too so he was chuffed
There's lots of stuffed animals, birds and insects to look at plus some live ones.
I'd definitely recommend it and can't wait to go back.

popsycal Mon 03-May-04 17:24:20

have you ever been to the discovery museum? it is fab too

juniper68 Mon 03-May-04 17:33:28

no where's that popsycal?

popsycal Mon 03-May-04 17:34:59

newcastle - near st james' is free...
it is walkable from the train station too

juniper68 Mon 03-May-04 17:46:32

cheers popsycal, i've got a family railcard now so there's no stopping me

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