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Cbeeebies Land or Thomas Land for nearly 4 yr old?

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thelionsleeps Thu 28-May-15 10:34:52

I'm travelling up north at the beginning of July and can stop off at either of these but really can't decide. I'm going to drive up and maybe spend 2 nights in a hotel or b&b so we can have a full day there.

He likes thomas but not fanatical and he loves some things from cbeebies like tree fu tom but won't be interested in intg.

Has anyone been to both or either and can recommend?

elizabethsmum Fri 29-May-15 20:57:34

Have been to both numerous times and on balance if he is not too fussed about Thomas I would personally go for cbeebies land/Alton towers as there is quite a lot else there besides for young children- mine also like the sea life centre, cable cars, wobble world soft play, driving school and other rides in cloud cuckoo land, ice age 4d theatre, ds likes Charlie and the choc factory ride but dd2 (4 yr old dts) is scared of it (as it is dark). also the waterpark at Alton towers, if you Can come mid-week before school hols you might get a good hotel deal. only one itng boat ride at cbeebies land btw!
Thomasland is also really good and zoo at drayton manor is nice to wander round, but Drayton manor itself quite a bit smaller in scale than Alton towers.

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