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North Lake District with ds(4) and a baby

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ZenNudist Wed 22-Oct-14 14:01:13

Help badly needed. Going to cockermouth this weekend and need ideas of what to do to keep ds entertained. Our friends don't have children and might not have any good suggestions of where to go. We usually go out for nice lunch and a walk round say buttermere but I'm worried it's going to rain. Any ideas?

Lifesalemon Wed 22-Oct-14 21:07:52

Sorry, don't know the area but try trip adviser. If you search for the area you are staying it gives you a list of attractions and reveiws.

Jenijena Wed 22-Oct-14 21:11:28

Ice cream at Twentymans at Allonby. Seriously lovely!

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 22-Oct-14 21:16:52

It should be called the rain district really.

We seem to spend our trips there at Rheged, or the fabulous Rossini Restaurant in Ulverston which might feel like a drive but as I said, it always rains innit.

ZenNudist Thu 23-Oct-14 15:16:46

Starlight yes it does indeed always rain. We always call by rheged on the way, they do great coffee and cakes. Not really tried to entertain ds there before. Will add Rossini to the list. You can always get a good meal in the lakes.

Current plan is to go to whinlatter pass providing it doesn't rain. Sounds fab. If it does rain perhaps we just need to go for a nice lunch and give ds the iPad!!!!

Jenijena: allonby, ice cream - check!

molesbreath Thu 23-Oct-14 15:23:53

The pencil museum in Keswick ( never been myself but heard really good things about it !)

OneThenTwo Thu 23-Oct-14 16:09:51

Have a look on here - there is stuff going on all over the uk and lot's of it is indoors in museums or galleries that will be great for adults too

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 23-Oct-14 16:22:00

If I HAVE to go to the Lakes (spent my teenage years there which is the worst place on earth to spend teenage years) October is the best time of year. You have the statistical advantage for it not raining, beautify colours (if you can see through the probable rain) and fewer tourists clogging up the roads.

On nice days, or snowy days we have taking the kids up and down the mountain (not sure what it is called) opposite Kirkstone Pass Inn.

HeleneCixous Thu 23-Oct-14 16:23:33

Tullie House Museum in Carlisle is lovely

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 23-Oct-14 16:24:13

Rehged does have a soft play in it as well as children's activities associated with one or two of their exhibitions usually.

OneThenTwo Thu 23-Oct-14 21:23:40

Yes Tullie House got to the top 20 in the museums for kids awards
it looks great

pussinwellyboots Fri 24-Oct-14 12:00:43

I live in the area and although yet to try it a friend with similar age children to yours was raving about King Kong climbing centre in keswick it has a hard play (think tunnels and castles I think), a cafe and a small ball pool for babies. The fantastic Keswick spa swimming pool has parent and toddler sessions on a sat morning. If there's a break in the rain (or tog up in waterproofs) keswick park (near swimming pool) gives ours hours of entertainment, or you can stroll along the lake from theatre by the lake (nice cafe in the theatre).

rallytog1 Fri 24-Oct-14 20:00:46

The Puzzle Place in Keswick.

Cockermouth used to have a soft play cafe on Lorton St - not sure if it's still there, but that's worth a look.

Wordsworth House on Main St has plenty of indoor stuff for kids.

There's also a swimming pool at Cockermouth leisure centre, which is pretty cheap.

rallytog1 Fri 24-Oct-14 20:02:38

Oh, and Honister slate mine is worth a visit too.

plantsitter Fri 24-Oct-14 20:02:50

I second the pencil museum in Keswick. I am really not sure why, but my 3 & 5 yr old dds loved it!

Dowser Sun 30-Nov-14 14:09:06

I thought it was fun watching the swans at Windermere. Until one came and nabbed my fish and chips while I wasn't looking.

There's boat trips on the lake and isn't there a Beatrix potter museum nearby too. ( never been)

There's a theatre at Keswick near the lake which may be suitable for children. We saw the railway children one year.

Love the lakes. I'm sure you'll find plenty of do. Even if you just them loose in a park with a ball.

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