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Slimbridge, Gloucs - excellent day out!!!

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littlerach Sun 11-Apr-04 17:56:20

We took DD aged 3 there yesterday, and had the best time ever!!!
She loved it, not too expensive, and we stayed for about 4 hrs!!
Loads of space to run around, indoor educational bit, restaurant with kids meals, gift shop, plus all of the birds to feed!!
Can really recommend it.

mummytojames Sun 11-Apr-04 18:01:07

little arch would you know if its suitable for babys as well seveen months plus will be near a year by then

Janh Sun 11-Apr-04 19:24:07

We went to Slimbridge on the way back from a holiday in Dorset with friends, our dds then 7 and 4 and ds1 10 months (in backpack), their ds1 4, dd 3 and ds2 about 17 months - loved it.

musica Sun 11-Apr-04 19:33:50

It's fine for all ages. There are lovely walkways which are pushchair friendly. Highly recommended!

Moomin Sun 11-Apr-04 23:44:15

Yes, we went in November with dd who was just turned 2 and took turns walking and riding in pushchair. Accessible all round and food in the restaurant was really yummy. Highly recommended.

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