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"It's like Sesame Street for adults" - went to see Avenue Q last night and haven't laughed so much in years!!

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Misspiggy Thu 28-Sep-06 15:17:27

Just wanted to recommend Avenue Q which is on at the Noel Coward Theatre (used to be the Albery), just off Leicester Sq. DH booked the tickets and I wasn't too enthusiastic when he told me "It's like Sesame Street for adults"...hmmm but we went last night and I had to eat my words as the show is brilliant. Give it a go if you fancy a fun night out with loads of "laugh out loud" moments.

bluesky Wed 04-Oct-06 07:45:29

I'd read about this and wondered if it worked, and how funny it could be. Thanks for the recommendation misspiggy!

kiwibella Fri 17-Oct-08 21:52:10

a quick question for anyone who has been... do you think it is 'suitable' for 12yo dds?

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