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Any ideas?

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jodiemay Mon 05-Apr-04 07:28:26

I am meeting up with an old friend in a couple of weeks, she lives in Wickford, Essex and I am in King's Lynn, Norfolk. We said that we would meet up half way, her ds is 2yrs and my ds is 17 months, is there anywhere in between that would be good for the children? Any ideas welcome!!!!!

jodiemay Mon 05-Apr-04 12:14:10

Someone must have some idea of where to go.........

SoupDragon Mon 05-Apr-04 12:24:47

My geography is pretty cr*p! I can't work out what's in between without getting my map from the car

SoupDragon Mon 05-Apr-04 12:56:55

Is Cambridge about halfway?

jodiemay Mon 05-Apr-04 12:57:20

About that I spose.

mummysurfer Mon 05-Apr-04 12:58:51

sorry - not my end of the country

SoupDragon Mon 05-Apr-04 12:59:28

You could look here but there's not a lot of info.

Croak Mon 05-Apr-04 13:24:10

Wimpole Hall is really good. Its a National Trust place but I've never been in the house itself. Its got a fab farm though with lots of baby animals, a play area for little ones and a (bit of a rip off) cafe with amazing cakes. Its between Cambridge and Sandy, just off the M11 or the A1. I know that I must lean how to do links sometime but, and apologies for being lazy, the address is

Janh Mon 05-Apr-04 13:25:09

How about Linton Zoo ?

Janh Mon 05-Apr-04 13:26:51

Wimpole - that was going to be my next suggestion, Croak!

jodiemay Mon 05-Apr-04 18:48:01

Am going to do Linton Zoo, thanks for your help ladies!

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