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Peppa Pig World, is it that busy during summer holidays?

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Maia290 Fri 08-Aug-14 20:51:48

We are debating wether to go to Peppa Pig World one day this August, but I have heard so many people telling me to avoid going during school holidays, but this is the only time we can go.
I was wondering is it that bad? Has anybody been there this summer? How long were the queues? How did you entertain your child if there are long queues. As I am not sure if my child will cope with long queues.

MegBusset Fri 08-Aug-14 20:55:11

We've been at Easter (three times). Get there before 10am, go straight to PPW and do a couple or three rides before the queues build up. Then go and do the rest of Paultons Park - plenty of rides and things to see for little ones. Go back to PPW about 3pm when the tired toddlers start heading home to do a couple more rides. And avoid the helicopter ride as it's a long wait and a crap, short ride.

noblegiraffe Fri 08-Aug-14 20:56:30

We went a couple of years ago and it was crap, we only got on about 4 rides all day, queuing for over an hour, approaching two in a couple of cases each time. It was very difficult with the typical age of child who would want to go there.

It was also a bit shit, tbh.

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