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Yorkshire sculpture park , anyone been ?

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starrynight19 Sat 02-Aug-14 20:11:31

We are thinking of a day out there tomorrow dc 12 , 9 , 6.
Any good ?

WidowWadman Sat 02-Aug-14 20:13:10

Fantastic place to go. Love it. Take a picnic and enjoy!

Hobnobissupersweet Sat 02-Aug-14 20:14:42

It's fab, food is expensive and only ok in the restaurant so echo above advice to take a picnic. One of the few places that really is suitable for all ages.

Onesleeptillwembley Sat 02-Aug-14 20:16:09

Agee with both above. Fantastic, but take a picnic.

FunkyBoldRibena Sat 02-Aug-14 20:18:41

fourthed...lovely place.

starrynight19 Sun 03-Aug-14 20:46:21

Thanks for the recommendation. We had a great day , and the tip to take a picnic was most welcome at £4.50 a sandwich !!

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