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Anyone hired a stroller at Paultons Park?

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I'm just wondering if they're the plastic ones like Legoland have or if they're normal buggies?

We are taking DS (6) and DD (2) who are both hypermobile, and I can't decide whether to take DS's Maclaren Major, the Major and a buggy pod, or hire a double when we get there. If they're the plastic ones DS will be able to go in it when he needs a rest, but obviously he'll be too big to go in a normal double buggy with DD and it would be pointless hiring a single when I already have one for DD that I could take.

TIA smile

PartyFops Fri 01-Aug-14 15:40:10

I gave not seen the Lego land ones but the PP ones are hard plastic, bright colours and quite large.

Fab, thanks Party , that's what the legoland ones are like. Dilemma solved smile

I thought I saw them there last time, but was starting to doubt myself!

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