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Thomas Land - 2yr old "old" enough?

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choochootrain1 Mon 28-Jul-14 01:44:17

I want to take my DS for his 2nd birthday later this year but not sure if he's still going to be too little to enjoy it?

He's a cautious type of kid- a slow carousel or a small roundabout he loves, but screamed down a ride that went "fast" at a funfair the other day... But MAD on Thomas and trains in general. I heard you can go on any ride with the kids there though - which led me not to scrap the idea just yet - as I think if his dad and I go on each ride with him he will prob enjoy them?

Thoughts? It's quite far to travel if the day could be a disaster...

It will be a term time Monday when we go (so I'm hoping not busy?)

6031769 Tue 29-Jul-14 22:00:48

i think he'd be fine there. We went a couple of weeks ago although my DS is abit older at just 4 but there was still enough for younger ones in my opinion. Theres a couple of gentle roundabouts, a train that runs from thomas land to another area of the park (when we we there it was thomas pulling one train and percy the other not sure if it changes). Also theres winston car ride, vintage car ride, harold the helicopter that i can think off. In the rest of drayton manor there is also the farm and the zoo (although we didn't look round these so can't comment) and theres a train that you can go for a ride on round the park and the cable cars. these are what i can think off from memory, there may be more thats suitable. Oh also in thomas land theres a soft play area and i think there was a toddler section in that.

When i went it was term time and it was just me and DS and i got a parent and toddler ticket for £20.

choochootrain1 Tue 29-Jul-14 22:52:44

Thanks! Sounds like it's still worth the trip for us. Can't be hassled with the planning of a party LOL

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