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Sidmouth, E.Devon ..... Recommendations in area please

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lexiemum Fri 01-Sep-06 00:40:54

staying here next week - would love suggestions for family meal outs; outings; best beaches etc - got to entertain a 3yr old, 1yr old and dh

jobylake Fri 01-Sep-06 09:35:41

Family meals out - The Bowd just outside Sidmouth is a good pub (and has an outdoor play area). Colaton Rayleigh has a pub called The Otter Inn and although I haven't eaten there, there is a outside play area too with bouncy castle.

Best beaches - although Sidmouth's beach is pebbles, there is some sand when the tide is low. Other beaches are Exmouth (about 20 min drive) and Lyme Regis (15 miles away).

Outings - Crealy is a nice day out (you can get your tickets on-line with a £1 discount per person). Although given your children's ages there will be a couple of rides they cannot go on. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor play areas, a splash zone and animals that can be petted both inside and out too, and feeding times.

It depends on whether you want to drive anywhere as south Devon offers quite a bit too.

I live only a couple of miles from Sidmouth so if you need any further info please let me know.

Mercy Fri 01-Sep-06 09:39:30

How about the Donkey Sanctuary?

lexiemum Fri 01-Sep-06 10:27:55

thx. we're staying right next door to the donkey sanctuary apparently - so thats already on the list.

crealy will cover another day.

happy to travel up to an hour each day for good stuff

joby - would love some wet weather ideas if you've got some.

PeachyClairHasBadHair Fri 01-Sep-06 11:15:23

Isn't next Saturday (nonex but one) Sidmouth carnival? Dh seems to think so, wants to go

often some themed stuf fin the run up with the Devon carnivals

iPodthereforiPoor Fri 01-Sep-06 11:28:10

Plymouth might seem a bit far but the National Marine Aquarium is good - Me and 18mDS have a season ticket and go about once a month

lexiemum Fri 01-Sep-06 21:15:24

peachy - shall look out for that one, might be able to go along before our long drive home.

jobylake Mon 04-Sep-06 08:24:44

Wet weather ideas - that's a good one.

We don't tend to go out if it's raining, but there is an indoor play area in Torquay (Rainbow Fun House). Nothing in East Devon like that I'm afraid.

Forgot to mention another day out - Bicton Gardens is ok. There is an indoor and outdoor play area, a train ride (fee payable), craxy golf and a maze in the outdoor play area, and plenty of gardens to walk around (squirrels aplenty too).

Sorry I couldn't help more.

lexiemum Sat 09-Sep-06 08:12:36

thanks for all your ideas. we're just back from our week. t he weather was fantastic so spen t most time on the beach at exmouth and then in the on-site pool late afetrnoon.

only downside had to come home day early as dh woke up with some d&v thing yesterday morning

LocalFamilyStuffDotCom Mon 10-Oct-11 14:14:49

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Wurg Mon 10-Oct-11 14:27:42

Really bad form, Denise. Stop spamming, please. I've reported your posts.

LocalFamilyStuffDotCom Mon 10-Oct-11 16:43:45

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