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Space/Nature attraction ideas

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Nellysgirl Thu 20-Mar-14 01:44:41

Hello! My DP absolutely loves nature, space and general science stuff. We are based in manchester but willing to travel. Can anyone reccomend any suitable attractions or events? smile

thinking101 Thu 20-Mar-14 13:33:01

Well we are in Birmingham and thinking of travelling to Manchester for the BBC studio thing - have you looked at that?

Anyway in Brum (2hours in car)

Science museum at Millenium point - right in city centre. Has huge intestine,heavy machinery from yesteryear, interactive stuff, toddler zone, outdoor picnic area with scinecy type puzzles. It has a cinema and a planetarium. I would say full days worth. Different ticket combos availabel but also accept tesco vouchers.

Cannon hill park: crazy golf, lovely well kept flower beds and trees, squirrels, ducks, playground x2. Inside is also a cafe, the Midlan Arts Center (they do bookable stuff for kids during hole) have nice cafe also, cinema. At the end of the park is the nature park like a mini zoo, small animals but enough, has a cafe and picnic area. It is only £5 ish.

Conkers is ok, again tesco vouchers.

I know it is further but advance tickets to London to goto free scinece and natural history museum?

thinking101 Thu 20-Mar-14 13:33:57

Oh bother, just realised it is for your DP not a DC blush. But he may still enjoy the London museums and thinktank science musem in Brum.

Rooble Thu 20-Mar-14 13:35:24

Space centre in Leicester, Magna which is at Meadowhall (north side of Sheffield), Jodrell Bank are the first ones that spring to mind. (Assume you already know and love MoSI)

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