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What can we do tomorrow? (West Kent)

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MrsRichards Wed 19-Feb-14 18:14:30

My DC are 11 and 9. I have one day with them for half term. What can we do? Something memorable! Weather is going to be wet and windy.

Thank you!

Misfitless Thu 20-Feb-14 07:54:32

Not sure if this would appeal to either of yours, but I'm planning on making bird feeders with mine - I've got porridge oats, raisins, lard and nuts, yogurt pots and string.

I think this is something we should have done in the depths of winter, not the start of spring, but never mind! I plan on then doing a bit of bird watching with them through the window!

If that doesn't appeal to them what about swimming? A museum?

The cinema and lunch/tea out?

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