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Hampton Court or Tower of London with 5 under 5s?

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BarkWorseThanBite Tue 04-Feb-14 16:18:26

Visitors are keen to visit a royal palace. They have 2 under 5s, and I have 3 of my own. I have never been to either palace.

Which would be best for a day trip with under 5s?

MillyMollyMama Tue 04-Feb-14 16:49:34

Hampton Court is better for older children I think. From about 8/9 because there are acres of gardens, various parts of the Palace with costumed guides and the Tudor Kitchens so good from a historical perspective. We have been lots of times. The maze may interest younger children.

The Tower of London would be better. You can go around with the Beefeater Tour but be warned they tell many gory stories of beheading. There are also the Crown Jewels and lots of armour and swords to see as well as rooms where prisoners were kept. It won't keep 5 and unders engaged totally but more than Hampton Court. The other bonus at the Tower is you can take a Thames River Boat trip and have a look at Tower Bridge nearby. I would try and explain a bit about it before you go. Not sure where you live, but factor in the travel to and from wherever you choose.

noramum Fri 07-Feb-14 11:49:59

We have been to both when DD was smaller and just after Christmas again with her being 6.5.

She loved it every time but she is a history mad girl so is very interested in the topic and pays attention.

I would more go for the Tower, if you go by train you can get the 2for1 tickets and you have the whole of London as well.

If they are more looking for a proper live-in palace i would think about Windsor.

BarkWorseThanBite Mon 10-Feb-14 21:08:59

Thanks for the feedback - that's helpful

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