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Kew Gardens - Recommendations for places to eat

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Xanthe Sun 07-Mar-04 22:05:05

Haven't posted for ages, but thought I would ask Mumsnetters for dome advice. We're meeting a friend at Kew Gardens in a couple of weeks' time and going for lunch beforehand. I thought it would be easier to eat in the restaurant in the Gardens themselves, but wonder if this would be a bit pricey. Our friend has suggested "The Maids of Honour", which is not far away. Has anyone been there and can you recommend it?

collision Sun 07-Mar-04 22:28:22

Oooooooh yeah is lovely. It is an old fashioned tearoom and is the only place that do the original Maids of Honour Cakes to some King from years ago!! It is really convenient for Kew as it just 'over the wall!' If you both have cars you can go to Kew Retail Park too. Big M and S with a coffee shop!! Have fun. HTH

Not sure about prices and is often busy so it might be worth phoning first.

Xanthe Mon 08-Mar-04 13:35:22

Thanks very much for the info Collision. I think we'll go there, but I will ring first as you suggest.

CountessDracula Mon 08-Mar-04 13:47:49

Will you have kids with you? If so there is a super place that is so child friendly but still good food/ambience here it's about 2 miles from Kew

ks Mon 08-Mar-04 14:13:49

Message withdrawn

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