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Soft play in Glasgow?

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schneebly Tue 01-Aug-06 08:45:47

Anyone know of any - close to city centre as possible please. I googled it with little success! Thanks.

schneebly Tue 01-Aug-06 09:24:04


supermum44 Tue 01-Aug-06 09:40:26


There is a place in Clydebank called Monkey Madness which is really good. What age is your lo?

Also, I know there is somewhere in Linwood (not sure exactly where), but I've never been there.

Not sure of anywhere in the city centre but Clydebank isn't too far out.

seb1 Tue 01-Aug-06 09:52:17

Here are directions to the Big adventure at Linwood not that close to city centre big adventure

schneebly Tue 01-Aug-06 10:32:04

OOh thanks - think we are going to phoenix retail park at Linwood anyway so that would be great! Cheers!

seb1 Tue 01-Aug-06 10:34:26

There is also a Wacky warehouse and Brewster's at the Phoenix aswell HTH

Skribble Tue 01-Aug-06 23:27:42

There is one in the StEnoch Centre, Buchanan galleries and Braehead have creches.

Just had a look at the Linwood centres website that looks great, pricey but it looks huge.

Gillian76 Tue 01-Aug-06 23:39:42

The one at Linwood is scary!

Only been once and the children were quite young, but it was so busy.

Skribble Tue 01-Aug-06 23:49:08

Mine are now at the age I can sit back and read mags and drink tea quite happily. I remember those days when I had to have them in sight the whole time and would get quite distressed if there was more than one entry/ exit point.

There is one in Ayr that is great but is on 2 levels and the kids can get out on the upper level, found one of mine on the play station and the other gate crashed a birthday party after running up and down the back stairs for a while. Means you have to leave all you stuff lying while youn run up and down trying to find them argghhh

coolmum2009 Sun 11-Jan-09 16:40:12

monkey madness in clydebank very good for wee kids and g8t for kids birthday parties...check out there web page

coolmum2009 Sun 11-Jan-09 16:41:27

Joolyjoolyjoo Sun 11-Jan-09 16:43:04

There is Whale of A Time in Shawlands, Sportykids at Roukenglen/ Thornliebank....erm...Caperhouse Play Barn in East Kilbride?? Don't know if they are any good to you, not sure about the city centre.

MumHadEnough Sun 11-Jan-09 16:45:32

Monkey Madness in Clydebank should be renamed Mankey Madnes lol grin. My ds refuses to go in there now as he says it smells of wee!

We much prefer Sox n Slides in Milton, just outside Dumbarton.

MumHadEnough Sun 11-Jan-09 16:47:34

Just realised this OP is from 2006! hmm

coolmum2009 Sun 11-Jan-09 17:07:07

really the last time i went in it was very good. They have just modernised it,it has plasma tvs and the cafe is good. When were you last there?

mags1973 Sun 11-Jan-09 17:13:28

I think this place has been taken over by new owners. Iwas in here recently and i was chatting with a member of staff and she told me the place had been all decorated and that they had improved it loads(grin)
They have a web page with pictures you should look it up i think it is

MumHadEnough Sun 11-Jan-09 17:21:12

Just had a look and it definitely looks a lot better.

I think ds prefers sox n slides now though as it is so much bigger and he's six and a half now.

We haven't been in there for about 18 months.

coolmum2009 Sun 11-Jan-09 18:19:02

its true that sox and slide bigger but i think that the payment system is there to catch parents out which is really annoying. If you stay 1 min over your time your charged for another half bigger isnt always better

MumHadEnough Sun 11-Jan-09 20:19:52

I know what you mean coolmum, although I'm glad to say its never happened to us, even though we've been about 5 minutes over some times! shock

JustAboutRight Sat 31-Jan-09 13:11:23

Don't like Whale of A Time, Pollokshaws Rd, Shawlands - a bit chaotic, can't see where the kids have gone, and rather overpacked - food was the usual churn it out stuff, not appealing.
Sportykids Spiersbridge Rd, Thornliebank is excellent - great facilities, clean, nice staff, and loads of healthy food. Only downside I've seen was not enough supervision at times - but then again they all leave that down to the parents.
Play Barn, Stewartfield Rd, East Kilbride - getting very run down, kitchen closes should be open til 5 but shuts early all the time, they lock up when it's a nice day, or early wheh it suits them - unfortunately with no warning to anyone. A lot of people being put off it by that. The up side, is midweek, they do sessions of 1, 1 1/2 and 2 hours.

elizabethm1 Fri 27-Aug-10 10:15:01

there are loads of soft plays in glasgow there is jurassic jungle at saracen street port dundas g22 which is pretty good and reasonable priced geronimos in duke street is also a hit with the kids jungle in the city in partick which is good if kids are small but would imagine over 5s to get a bit bored,cheeky charlies in summerston which is okhmmwhale of a time in shawlands which kids enjoyed then theres the new one in braehead xscape which is a bit pricey but there a lot to do in it theres also the garscube playrooms which are great for under 5s £15 annual membership and£1 each visit for toy fund but highly reccommended they are in garscube road.theres one charlies big adventure in bishopbriggs and further afield you have planet adventure in cumbernauld

mags1973 Thu 02-Sep-10 14:45:29

Been to all of these with my wee ones and always go back to Monkey Madness. The staff are so nice and the atmosphere is great. I can neven sit and relax for a bit which is what all parents want really

mags1973 Thu 02-Sep-10 14:53:32

Anyone have any ideas for where there are any newer places (hmm)

mags1973 Thu 02-Sep-10 14:54:09


MamaJo1 Mon 04-Oct-10 20:15:58

New one opened in EK - it's fab :-) I thought Monkey Bizness at Braehead Xscape was brill before I went to this place - it's a must.

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