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Weekend away / days out Berkshire and surrounding area

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HaveToWearHeels Wed 22-Jan-14 20:28:03

DH has a very rare weekend off this weekend and we would like to do something as a family. As the weather is supposed to be dire we just don't know what to do. So ideas please ladies, open to going somewhere and staying or doing a day somewhere and coming home and then going somewhere else on Sunday. Or getting a short haul flight somewhere a tad warmer. Budget is up to £500. We are both in our early 40's and DD is 4

BackforGood Wed 22-Jan-14 20:32:27

Hampton Court Palace
There's a Model Village I can't remember the name of?

That the sort of thing ? Days out seems a lot different from flying off somewhere.....

HaveToWearHeels Wed 22-Jan-14 21:45:29

Beaconsfield Model Village, hadn't thought of that thanks.

Yes we were only discussing it at lunchtime today and DH through flying somewhere into the mix. Not sure if that is feasible though really, even short haul would take some time what with getting to airport and transfer other end. We know the weather is going to be bad so was wondering what there is to do that we have missed.

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