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Day out within an hour of Berkshire for 3yr old and non-walking 22 mo

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nickelfish Wed 22-Jan-14 11:10:02

Thanks for your replies. The Look Out is great, we go to the outdoor park often and have been to the Exhibition indoors recently - it really is good fun for the kids. We will try Odds Farm too - thanks.

In the end we decided we were fussing too much and just went to a big soft play centre (in Winnersh) that has normal soft play plus role play areas and they both loved it. As we weren't out all day we could still fit in meals and naps at the right times, and a trip to the park. It was all they needed, sometimes we realise we're trying to do too much for them when they are happy with the simple things! Thanks veyr much for the ideas, will keep them in mind...

Hardrockhallelujah Fri 17-Jan-14 13:20:21

The Lookout near Bracknell?

qwertina Fri 17-Jan-14 13:16:32

How about Odds Farm near Wooburn Green? Huge soft play area for the little one.

nickelfish Fri 17-Jan-14 11:23:58

I am looking for ideas for day's out for next week (so cold/possibly rainy!) for a 3 year old and a 22 month old who doesn't yet walk independently (loves crawling/climbing) and isn't keen on being in the buggy for long.

Happy to travel by train or car for up to an hour to London or anywhere in South East. Having been searching online, originally liked the idea of the South Bank (aquarium, wandering along river, SouthBank Ctr for a run/crawl, see the Ldn Eye etc) but the aquarium gets rubbish reviews so needed something else as the main attraction! Any ideas, doesn't have to be London, welcome! Thank you very much!

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