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My first birthday with a 4mo baby!

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fl0b0t Fri 03-Jan-14 19:53:58

Hi all,
Clutching at straws....
It's my birthday tomorrow- first one with a baby! We planned to go to London with him, but the weather looks awful and turns out there's engineering works, making our (already annoyingly long) journey 50% longer each way minimum. We can postpone this trip for another day but now I've got nothing planned and tomorrow looks like it's going to be a total washout! Baby is ebf and a bottle refuser, so can't take up kind offers by friends and family to look after him for the day/evening....

Anyone have any ideas of what we can do to make the day feel special? Anything good fun and indoors we can do with a baby? We live in Berkshire, not really into museums/ been to all our local National Trust Properties. We are mostly outdoorsey type people, but not fair on the baby to drag him around in the rain and gale force winds!

Thanks in advance!

Coveredinweetabix Sat 04-Jan-14 00:01:28

I'd make the most of the fact that he's ebf and presumably still sleeps a lot and is definitely immobile and go out for a nice lunch. Dinner may also be an option unless he's a cluster feeder. I know its not what you're supposed to do but I'd put him in his car seat so he's sat up and can look around at other people in the restaurant, have a few toys dangling from the bar etc. We had some fantastic lunches out until DD was about 7mths and started crawling.

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