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Greenwich - tunnel under river/ cable car. Help

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TalkinPeace Mon 23-Dec-13 22:31:43

according to google maps its 2 miles - but they are horrible miles to walk
having grown up within walking distance of the whooping tunnel
there is lots to do at each
and yes, the DLR is great

fasterthanthewind Mon 23-Dec-13 22:24:49

it's not several miles! maybe a mile?

we live in N london and do a lovely (for small boys) round:
Overground and DLR to cable car (N side)
then boat back up from south side - we go the whole way to Embankment and then bus/tube home, but you could easily do 1 stop and get off in Greenwich.

is not far to walk between them - half an hour? - but bleak and dreary. boat much more fun

TalkinPeace Mon 23-Dec-13 22:21:40

The whooping tunnel goes from by the Cutty Sark
The Emirates cable car goes from by the Dome
they are several miles apart

Option 1
Park in car park 2 at the Dome (for the tube station, £11 a day)
then get the cable car and spend some time in THe Crystal - by the north terminal
if its a nice day, yomp up to the Olympic park
or just mill about the docks and then get the cablecar back
and then explore the Dome - there is loads to see and do in and around it
you'll spend most of a day

Option 2
Park in Greenwich - personally I'd park at the Maze Hill bottom corner of the park
Walk to the Cutty Sark, see Gypsy Moth
do the Whooping Tunnel
the Maritime Museum
walk up through the park to the Meridian, the Oservatory and enjoy the view from General Wolfe

you'll spend most of a day

Xmas2013SantaB6233 Mon 23-Dec-13 10:33:09

Hi visiting Greenwich for a day. Want to do both the mentioned things. Are they near each other? Ie cAn I go one way on one and back on the other? What else is fab and cheap to do in Greenwich :-)

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