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Hyde park winter wonderland, on a weekday ok?

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toomuchtooyoung Thu 12-Dec-13 01:52:34

had been thinking of going next Monday 16th, until I read horror stories about queues and poor safety control. have 3.3 dd and 18 month ds.
any experience during a weekday?

CHUNKYMUNKEY Fri 13-Dec-13 22:56:13

I took my dd last monday it was busy but certainly not manic and was a nice atmosphere. We got there bout midday but had planned to get there earlier than that, we went on a few rides very small queues, really expensive though.

mumtobealloveragain Sat 11-Jan-14 20:50:16

Hi all. We need a nice day out for Feb half term. Would love some recommendations...

Done Chessington and Legoland already. Anywhere SE South Coast/London/Kent Surrey.

We will have 4 kids with us 10, 6, 5, and a baby who is 2 months. Somewhere that will entertain all 3 older kids and that is baby friendly and somewhere that means we won't be out in the freezing cold all day.

I'm all out of ideas.

mumtobealloveragain Sat 11-Jan-14 20:50:55

Sorry my bad .. Meant to start a new thread

CHUNKYMUNKEY Mon 13-Jan-14 09:12:31

Mumtobe how about the natural history museum, science museum, museum of london, raf museum, london transport museum, london aquarium they are all inside

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