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Afternoon tea recommendations in Hamsphire to include DC too

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Sidge Sun 10-Nov-13 22:13:26

Come down to Portsmouth - The Tenth Hole at Southsea is lovely and do loads of yummy cakes!

There's loads to do in Portsmouth and Southsea - museums, Historic Dockyard, funfair, beach as well as Gunwharf Quays if you fancy shopping or eating out, bowling or cinema.

Southsearocks Sun 10-Nov-13 22:10:36

Stanstead House and Gardens has a lovely tea room and a miniature railway to boot! It's near Havant.

Pinkandwhite Sun 10-Nov-13 22:03:37

How about Cassandra's Cup in Chawton (near Alton)? The cakes are great, it's really pretty and it's right next door to a park (although your children may not be too interested in parks anymore...). It's also across the road from Jane Austen's house. It's where she wrote her books and its now a museum. There's also the watercress line in Alton if you wanted to tie it in with a trip on a steam train. That would be a lovely day out.

I would also recommend Gilbert White's house in Selborne. They have a lovely tea room with good cake. Gilbert White's house is interesting and the village itself is lovely. There's a great walk you can do from there. I'm not sure what its official name is, we called it the zig zag path when I was a child...

chicaguapa Sun 10-Nov-13 11:24:53

Inspired by a whole morning spent browsing the Red Letter Days website, I'm compiling a list of family things to do for 2014 and want to include afternoon tea for us and DC (12 & 9).

We're in Hampshire, but Dorset, Surrey & Oxfordshire would be ok too. The main thing is that it has plenty of cakes for DC. grin


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