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Paradise Wildlife Park - in the rain?!

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BoyMeetsWorld Thu 31-Oct-13 08:00:42

Can you still actually see any animals in the rain or do they all hide away?

devonsmummy Thu 31-Oct-13 07:51:58

I'd personally wait as you have that option. Much more fun on a dry day.
They have a merry go round & helterskelter they will probably be closed if raining.
Saying that though there is a soft play / cafe so if you did decide to go & it was really chucking it down you'd have a chance to get warm & dry.

BoyMeetsWorld Thu 31-Oct-13 07:23:25

So the weather forecast this half term is naff sad We've got a Group On voucher for Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne and were planning to take DS (5) on Friday. The forecast is to be chucking it down all day sad

The voucher is valid until April do don't have to use, but wanted to take him somewhere fun.

What do you think of this place in the rain? Still a good idea or pointless? Should also mention I'm 36 weeks pregnant, but will grin & bear it if will still be a good day out for DS

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