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Has anyone been to the Leicester Space Centre?

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Galaxy Fri 20-Feb-04 13:09:28

message withdrawn

roisin Fri 20-Feb-04 15:31:43

Just bumping this up ... my ds1 wants to go too, and it's never near anywhere we are! Actually, I really want to go too - sounds fab.

We may be staying in Leeds at Easter, and I want to persuade dh it's worth going as a daytrip from there.

Personal recommendation someone please!

Galaxy Fri 20-Feb-04 15:33:35

message withdrawn

Stargazer Fri 20-Feb-04 16:24:08

Hi All - we visited the centre when it first opened in 2001. We had a great time. There were some thermal cameras which was very interesting - pregnant at the time and the heat in that area made DS smile!! To be fair we have family in Leicester so it's easy for us to call in, but if you're in the area, it really is great. You could check the website to see if there is anything on \link{}

Stargazer Fri 20-Feb-04 16:25:08

Sorry haven't used links before and can't seem to get it to work, will try again

roisin Fri 20-Feb-04 18:32:36

Thanks Stargazer! Anyone else been?

Yes, Galaxy, I know it's still a long way from Leeds. (But Leeds is 200 miles closer than we are now ) That's why I need your recommendations to persuade dh it's worth it! Have you been?

squirmyworm Fri 20-Feb-04 18:44:05

I've been but it was for a meeting so I didn't see everything. The whole site is dominated by an enormous rocket which I can imagine kids really loving. When I went there were also lots of really well organised school trips having their packed lunch and they all seemed to be having a good time. Seemed to be loads of information so if you've real space nuts in your family I'd have thought it'd be a must see, what I didn't get a handle on was how much there was in the way of fun things to do for either younger kids or those just interested in a bit of something different on a day out
sorry not more helpful

lailag Sat 21-Feb-04 11:52:03

Live nearby, not sure it is worth a long trip . Good for bigger kids as lots of interactive "scientific" things to do.

Mirage Thu 11-Mar-04 13:40:28

I am biased as DH works at The Space Centre,but kids seem to love it.I am not interested in space at all,but still managed to spend hours looking around.I was surprised how interesting I found it.

The staff are great with kids,enthusiastic & really helpful.There are lots of interactive displays for the kids to play with too.

One word of warning though,the lift in the rocket tower is still not working,so lugging a pushchair/tired toddler up loads of flights of stairs is no joke.

lisaj Sat 13-Mar-04 18:37:48

We went last year when ds was 4 and came to the conclusion that he was too young, as there is a lot to read, which obviusly he was unable to do. Also the lift to the top of the rocket was broken, so dd in a pushchair had to wait with me at the bottom, whilst dh and ds climbed up the stairs.

roisin Wed 01-Jun-05 21:27:49

We finally made it to the Space Centre at Leicester - we've been wanting to go for 4 years!

It was fab! Well worth the wait . The staff were all very friendly and helpful, especially the 'astronaut' who did the kids' rocket workshop. The food in the cafe was surprisingly good, and the exhibits were amazing. Even after a hideous journey home [yuck!] I can't wait to go again!

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