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Blue Planet aquarium, Ellesmere Port

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Greydog Fri 04-Oct-13 15:21:44

Now, I don't know if anyone is planning a trip here, but a word of warning. I went some while ago, and it was a very pleasant few hours. Went on a whim today and found that they have the nerve to charge £2.50 to park! So you pay over £30.00 to go in (two adults) and they want you to pay extra to park. It's not as if you can spend more than a couple of hours there anyway. A family ticket is £52.00 (unless you book on line and you can "save £6.00")
It's an expensive way to spend a couple of hours. I didn't bother after all!

serin Fri 04-Oct-13 21:50:35

It's a complete rip off isn't it.

Knowsley safari park is much more of a day out and has an aquarium and a sea lion show as well.

DreamToSleep Mon 30-Dec-13 17:12:46

another vote here for Knowsley, we went in August and it really was a fantastic full day out, so much to do and see.

homework Mon 13-Jan-14 01:25:51

Chester zoo great too , just need to wrap up warm , so much quieter than during summer months . There picnic places to eat , to save money that are inside towards the back near the jaguar inclosure .
They don't charge for parking either.

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