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Anyone been to Alton Towers?

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Lottie4 Sun 15-Sep-13 14:58:50

If anyone has been to Alton Towers, can you tell me what you think. We've visited Chessington in the past but looking for somewhere different to try. None of us likes really scary rides (ie massive rollercoasters) but will happily have a go at other things!

Mosschops30 Sun 15-Sep-13 15:08:58

We love Alton towers but it is very geared towards the more thrilling rides than somewhere like legoland which is a bit more sedate.

However they do have storybook land, haunted house, lovely gardens, driving school, log flume, for the younger ones

Lottie4 Sun 15-Sep-13 15:23:18

Thanks for our reply. Luckily we've had a look on their website and have managed to work out there are a few rides we'd like to do!

JosieUp Tue 24-Sep-13 13:38:51

I'm a bit of a thrill seeker and Alton Towers is great for these kinds of rides. There does seem to be all kinds of things to do for the less adventurous however.

The grounds are beautiful. Take a picnic and try not to go during peak times and you'll love it.

GreggsOnLegs Tue 24-Sep-13 13:40:19

There's a small sealife centre there too

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 29-Sep-13 10:07:29

Our DC loved the seaside centre and there is lots to do whilst avoiding the more scary rides. If you are travelling you could see the Emna Bridgewater or Wedgewood factories the next day or spend some time in the Peak District. The Trentham Estate could be worth a visit too if you are in the area smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 29-Sep-13 10:28:09

Sealife. Bloody autocorrect.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 30-Sep-13 07:47:05

Almost forgot, you could team it up with a visit to the British Ceramics Biennial which is well worth a visit. Lots of free family activities too smile

ApplesinmyPocket Mon 30-Sep-13 08:14:53

I love Alton Towers and we used to go every year (complete with aged DH and grown-up DD) but since I got a bad case of vertigo/labyrinthitis last year I haven't fancied going really as I like the big coasters and would prob be best not risking them.

Lots of things to do for non-thrill-seekers, as others have said! Beautiful gardens, some fun and non-scary rides (the Runaway Mine Train is a nicer smaller coaster) and a really nice atmosphere in the park unless there are hordes and hordes, try for a quiet day with no queues if at all possible. (It IS possible, by avoiding bank hols and going in school terms... not possible for everyone I know.)

Just seen Lottie4 posted this two weeks ago and is probably back by now - hope she and family had a good time!

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