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Flambards Cornwall, is it a good day out?

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reup Sun 25-Aug-13 14:21:09

I was I'd known that last week. We were in the Lizard and bought crabbing stuff but all the harbour places we went to had no good areas. We did see one crab come in on the waves at Coverack though.

I second Heartlands and if you are an NT member the barefoot walking trail at Godolphin House was great and its a very peaceful spot for a picnic.

We went to the Camel farm on Goonhilly and fed some camels which was very slobbery.

Florin Tue 20-Aug-13 13:28:38

Our best trip out would be to the Pandora pub in Restronguet not far from Falmouth. It is beautiful old thatched pub with tables all along their own pontoon. It is beautiful on a sunny day. The food is good and they also do fab G&T's with a choice of Gins and different brands of tonic. From the pontoon the kids can go crabbing (you can get buckets, bait, lines etc at the pub) there are so many crabs that they will be pulling one up every couple of minutes so keeps them busy for hours.
<Waves at others> I am not a proper local. My Dad worked down there as owned a business there when I was a child so spent all holidays down there and still come down as much as possible as still have a house there.

pickledparsnip Tue 20-Aug-13 09:49:21

I keep meaning to go to Heartlands stubbornstains.
Sounds great!

pickledparsnip Tue 20-Aug-13 09:47:52

The walk around Pendennis Point in Falmouth is lovely & something I do regularly. Will only cost you the price of an ice cream once you get there! You get to walk past the docks (which everyone except me seems to love to lool at!), and there are some lovely views.

pickledparsnip Tue 20-Aug-13 09:45:12

Agree St Mawes is lovely. They are doing trips there for a fiver at the mo from the pier (usually around a tenner).

stubbornstains Tue 20-Aug-13 09:43:31

(adding local MNetters to spreadsheet left, right and centre...)

I will also second the boating lake cafe in Helston. It does meals too- simple but good value, and child friendly (not as easy to find in this part of Cornwall as you'd imagine).

Roskilly's is good for what it is, but there's not that much there...better for a lunch stop if you're going in that direction anyway.

There's a little Roskilly's ice cream shop in Falmouth, along the main must try Roskilly's somewhere!

Best actual value round here would be Heartlands in Pool- because it's free!! It's part of the old South Crofty tin mine, and you can go inside the buildings which have been sensitively restored, and learn all about tin mining, if that's your bag. There's an amazing 3D film too. The big draw for kids, though, is the best adventure playground EVER!

Supertrooper88 Tue 20-Aug-13 09:33:39

There is also a nice park in Helston with a boating lake and good play areas for the children. A cafe selling coffees and ice creams. Clean loos.

Will second Roskillys.

Also the walk down to Lizard point is good and would be lovely on a day like today.

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Tue 20-Aug-13 09:32:54

Sorry your ds is 8 blush boat is still good, or wildlife watching tour.

stubbornstains Tue 20-Aug-13 09:31:35

Yy to the Trengilly! (wondering if I know you Florin smile)

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Tue 20-Aug-13 09:31:23

<waves at op> I llive in Falmouth! Boat over to st mawes and back is fun for a 3 yo. Leaves from Prince of Wales pier.

Florin Tue 20-Aug-13 09:26:39

I love flambards. It is not as shiny as Thorpe park etc and shouldn't be compared but it is a fun family day out and good as there is inside and outside bits depending on the weather. There is often a deal in the local paper too. The food is awful though. There is a lovely pub called the Trengilly Wartha nearby though which does fab food.
If you go to Falmouth you have the Maritime museum which is great (even if you just do the shop which you can get into free). Avoid the little aquarium place that is rubbish!

pickledparsnip Tue 20-Aug-13 08:59:00

Oops! Didn't mean to post that twice.

pickledparsnip Tue 20-Aug-13 08:58:35

Anywhere on the Lizard is beautiful. Visited Roskillys the other day, was lovely. It is free to get in, and there are some animals to look at and feed. Also some nice big ponds to walk round, and a bit of a longer walk too. The ice creams are amazing! You can see the cows being milked too.

pickledparsnip Tue 20-Aug-13 08:55:49

Anywhere on the Lizard is beautiful. Visited Roskillys the other day, was lovely. It is free to get in, and there are some animals to look at and feed. Also some nice big ponds to walk round, and a bit of a longer walk too. The ice creams are amazing! You can see the cows being milked too.

clottedcreamteaplease Tue 20-Aug-13 08:34:21

ok not sold to me! We need a day off the beach! We are going to go to Falmouth on the train for the day just to potter around the shops etc..

pickledparsnip Tue 20-Aug-13 08:31:44

Yeah jousting is fab! We went last week & may be going again Thurs. Adults are a tenner & children around a fiver I think. If you are a member of English Heritage it is only a few quid and children are free.

I second the beach, it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. Enjoy!

pickledparsnip Tue 20-Aug-13 08:28:52

Also the cheeky buggers charge more for other things once inside.

Mind you I thought the Victorian village & Blitz exhibition were really good. Would have loved to have spent more time looking round, but I got dragged round by my son who wanted to go on the rides.

If you can get in cheaper then it's worth it.

stubbornstains Tue 20-Aug-13 08:27:28

I would say No! Although I am quite poor, so 20-odd quid seems like a king's ransom to me. We live v. local, so were given a free ticket once, and to me it all seemed quite shabby and run down. Funnily enough, the only bits that were pristine were the Victorian Village and the WWII exhibition- I'm guessing that they are the real labour of love for the proprietors.

But it's horses for courses, I guess- you have to take into account with this opinion that I'm really not a big amusement park person, so have very little to compare it to.

I'm struggling to think of an alternative for you that isn't a rip off round here- hey, the sun's shining, why not just go to the beach??

There is medieval jousting at Pendennis Castle in Falmouth on Wed & Thurs this week. I also hear good reports about Paradise Park in Hayle, but have never been. (Beware the A30 in the direction of St. Ives & Hayle at the moment though- I had to drive into St. Ives on business (the horror) and on the way back noticed a traffic jam on the westbound carriageway that stretched for about 3 or 4 miles shock)

pickledparsnip Tue 20-Aug-13 08:26:09

I went a few months ago, but only as I had some Tesco clubcard vouchers. My 3 year old loved it, and I enjoyed the naffness. I personally wouldn't pay full price to get in. Are there any deals on in the West Briton paper? There usually are in holiday times.

clottedcreamteaplease Tue 20-Aug-13 08:15:45

we are thinking of going here with our DS 8, is it worth the money as very expensive?

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