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Notting Hill carnival with toddler?

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MaNeo Sun 18-Aug-13 09:44:16

Has anyone been to Notting Hill carnival with a toddler? My DS is 26 months, I have nothing planned for the bank holiday week end and I am seriously considering going there with him... I am feeling brave grin Would appreciate any tips, pointers, etc

Somanychanges Sun 18-Aug-13 09:53:04

I used to take my two every year, not this year as we have just moved out of London. Make sure you go on the Sunday as that's the day for children.

Not sure I would recomend a pram as its so busy so make sure you have reigns if you use them. And the best tip, have fun! I love carnival. I have some of the best pictures of my two when they were tiny tots dancing to the music at carnival.

kingbeat23 Sun 18-Aug-13 10:09:17

Done it with a baby and am going again this year with my friend and her children. Definitely only on Sunday, if you're bringing a buggy be prepared to wait in queues to pass very clogged areas, snacks and water brought with you, look at the route and see if there is anything you definitely want to see (channel one, sancho panza) have fun!

DragonsAreReal Sun 18-Aug-13 10:13:15

No carnival is not for dc, last time I went (and it was a sunday) we saw people get bottled, we saw the dj throwing glass bottles into the people dancing, there was at least 2 occasions where there was waves of people running down the street and we had to go behind bollards in the road to avoid being swept away and the worst thing was a woman howling that someone had snatched her baby out the pushchair.

I take them to St Pauls carnival but never notting hill.

MaNeo Sun 18-Aug-13 19:26:22

Thanks everyone. I think I will go on sunday and take the buggy then brace myself. If ds was a little older, I would be more comfortable leaving it but he sometimes wants to be held. If he doesnt like it, well, we will come back and try again when he's older.

DragonsAreReal sounds like you had a horrific experience of the carnival. I dont know about the St Pauls carnival; when is it?

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