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Lollibop - great day out or hell on earth?

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nappyaddict Sun 18-Aug-13 10:30:08

Saying that Olympic Park is outside the congestion charge zone and you can park at Westfield all day for £5 and then it's only a 10 minute walk to the event.

With Regent's Park you really have to use public transport due to the high cost of parking charges and the congestion charge.

nappyaddict Sun 18-Aug-13 10:08:35

I found there were queues for lots of things - face painting, moshi monsters bus, the Lollibop village, the trampolines, the laser tent off the top of my head.

nappyaddict Sun 18-Aug-13 10:05:54

We went last year and really really enjoyed it. However we won tickets and I don't think I would pay full price for them. DS has ASD so we were able to jump queues and managed to fit nearly everything in that we wanted to do. I told my friends with NT children whilst we had a fabulous time, with all the queues taking about an hour you'd hardly get anything done. I think it's best to do all the queuing stuff first, then watch the acts on stage later on in the day as the queues seem to get longer as the day goes on. I also think people are mad for going to Alton Towers or anywhere similar in the holidays. You pay all that money and you only get to go on about 4 or 5 rides!!

We have also won tickets for this year, but aren't using them. Last year we drove to one of the zone 4 tube stations and parked very cheaply being a Sunday. Then we got the tube in and got there pretty much as it opened. This year DP didn't want to come as it's not really his thing and I'm not insured on his car. The earliest train we could get from Birmingham was 8:55 arriving at London Marylebone at 10:46 and then a tube journey at 10:50 with 1 change which would get us into Stratford at 11:19. Then god knows how long it takes to walk to the actual event?! Train and tube tickets were £32.50 each for an adult and £13.75 for a child on the train (under 11s are free on the tube) so even though the tickets were free, it still makes it an expensive day out and we wouldn't even get to do everything arriving at that time.

I am still a bit gutted we didn't go. I was told it was meant to rain most of today so wasn't that bothered about going but we woke up at 8:15 today to the most glorious sunshine. If we'd woken up a bit earlier I might have changed my mind and gone. However I did read that this year's venue at Olympic Park was nowhere near as good as Regent's Park. Not as good an atmosphere, bit bleak and building site-like and quite cramped where as it was really open at Regent's Park.

katedan Wed 24-Jul-13 18:55:32

We went 2 years ago and it rained most of the day and there was no shelter so it was horrid and muddy. Some good entertainment but no back up plan for bad weather which is bad enough for Glastonbury but with small children it was really not worth going!!!

Londonista Thu 18-Jul-13 17:38:18

Thanks so much, that's useful. he has been nagging me to take him for 2 years running now - run out of excuses!!

DangerousMouse Wed 17-Jul-13 11:25:53

I went last year and have just booked tickets for this year - it was great, we took DD8 and DS who was 18 months. No queues, but nothing really to queue for, there were zones with different things to play with and activities to take part in. Also the main stage, which did get quite packed, but the little ones didn't get squashed at all, everyone had space.

We stayed all day and didn't get to do everything, both kids loved it. What also was good, was that you didn't have to pay for anything extra once you were there (except food and drink, but take those with you) so you don't have to say no to anything, they can try it all.

Londonista Mon 15-Jul-13 11:51:34

Despite still recovering from a particularly queue-tastic trip to Peppa Pig world in 2012, I'm now considering taking my sons (5 & 2) to Lollibop. Anyone been? Worth it? Queues manageable? Kids like it? How long did you stay? Any advice before I shell out 75 quid greatly received!

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