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Harry Potter tour London where to stay?

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Thanks, Tribpot.

tribpot Sun 14-Jul-13 17:52:30

I stay (yes, present tense, we've been twice!) at the Holiday Inn Junction 8. The hotel has a pool, which ds loves. Quiet despite its proximity to the motorway and only about 10 mins from the studio. Last time they were having an HP themed weekend and showing the films in the lobby with free squash and biccies for all.

I paid 40 quid for the photos. This was 3 photos of ds on his broomstick (and one in the Ford Anglia) and a memory stick with a video clip of him riding his broomstick around various HP locations. The video absolutely made it for me, the photos I can take or leave but you can't just buy the vid (I don't think).

My top photo tip: the green screen bit gets very busy by early afternoon. I would advise getting to it as soon as you can and then backtracking round the rest of the sound stage. Once you leave the Great Hall you have the run of the entire first sound stage, you can go around in any order (once you've left you can't go back in).

ds and I missed out on the green screen bit first time around because the queue was about 90mins long by the time we got in at 1:30-ish. This time we were on the first tour of the day and we completely overreacted, charged straight over to them (they weren't really expecting anyone for about 10 mins!) and ended up having the entire area to ourselves - there wasn't even anyone else using it by the time we finished blush

How much are the photographs etc? We're going v soon and I don't want to keep saying, 'no' but I don't want to have to take out a second mortgage either!

ModerationInEverything Sun 14-Jul-13 17:27:32

We stayed at the local premier inn. Just put the HP postcode in to the premier inn website. Very handy, and always nice and clean etc.

LindyHemming Tue 09-Jul-13 06:01:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Tue 09-Jul-13 01:13:48

Not helpful at all to your post, but I've just been to this last week and it's fab! I'm not the biggest HP fan, but the tour is brilliant. I wouldn't bother with the digital guides though, I booked them and we never listened to them other than the 1st bit before we went in. The photo/DVD green screen experience is really expensive, as is the merchandise. I'm bordering on bankrupt as a result grin. Hope you enjoy!

serin Mon 08-Jul-13 23:09:37

Hemel Hempstead Premier Inn was about 5 miles away. Vey pleasant stay and you might be able to pick up a room in the sale.

calamityjane Fri 05-Jul-13 09:54:14

Thank you thanks

LindyHemming Thu 04-Jul-13 23:16:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

calamityjane Thu 04-Jul-13 16:18:05

Am booking tickets for the Harry Potter studio tour but need recommendations for a hotel close by. I read a thread regarding the tour and places to stay a few weeks ago but now can't find it!!

If you've been and can recommend a hotel would be very much appreciated.


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