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Carlisle Castle

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roisin Sun 28-May-06 21:01:46

We (me, ds1 - 8, and ds2 - 7) spent a couple of hours there today, and had a fun time. We are members of English Heritage, so it was free, and the boys enjoyed doing the children's trail - which was also free.

We'd planned to do Tullie House as well, but we'd run out of energy. We spied Bitts Park swingpark from the battlements of the castle, but unfortunately when we got down to ground level discovered it was closed for refurbishments

Anyway, we liked Carlisle a lot - lovely town centre, and cute little cathedral. So hope to be back again soon.

chatee Sun 28-May-06 21:07:03

glad you enjoyed yourselves at the castle...bitts park(play area) is closed until middle to end of june and this is due to the damage that was caused by the floods last year.the new play area will have a huge pirate ship in it.i saw a picture in the local rag a few weeks ago-my ds will be in his element(i am so looking forward to spending lazy days there during the summer hols)
we're off to tullie house tomorrow
so when are we meeting up this summer??and where??.........

roisin Sun 28-May-06 21:13:52

Yes, the swingpark looks like it's going to be fantastic ... when it's open!

What is at Tullie House? Worth a visit?

Where do you suggest for a summer meet-up?

chatee Sun 28-May-06 22:09:36

sorry, it's tuesday we're there...something to do with bugs and beasties iirc.........
meet up? bitts park....only joking..i'm sure others can come up with some exciting locations like the last couple of years

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