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Rainforest cafe London

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AphraBehn Thu 20-Jun-13 23:04:37

I agree, awful place. Try Maxwells in Covent Garden.

vixsatis Wed 19-Jun-13 11:45:21

Dreadful place. The worst rip-off in London; and it has competition on that front

Sarah1611 Wed 19-Jun-13 11:39:42

Ah! I loved the rainforest cafe! I've taken a couple of different children I've nannied for there on different occasions and found it great! Food is quite expensive but I thought it was lovely. It's quite loud but the children really enjoyed it and they were great with egg/dairy/sesame allergy.

Would definitely recommend it but looks like I might be alone on that... :-(

frazzled74 Mon 17-Jun-13 22:40:18

thankyou, i may try to persuade dcs that planet hollywood is the place to be!

mixedmamameansbusiness Sun 16-Jun-13 19:11:44

Dead mouse. I don't actually know why we paid!!!

Planet Hollywood is genuinely far superior in my opinion, glad it looks like a feasible option.


bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Sun 16-Jun-13 17:32:01

There is a kids menu for Planet Hollywood which is £8.95 with unlimited drinks.

LondonBus Sun 16-Jun-13 17:13:59

Dead mouse or alive mousemixedmamameansbusiness ?

I would have left without paying!!!

LondonBus Sun 16-Jun-13 17:12:40

I have been pre-DC, although never with, as it would have been too loud for DS1. Just when I thought he could cope I tried to book, and they wanted my credit card details first. For some reason that just really pissed me off, and we went to Wagamamas instead.

The menu is on the website. smile

Anthracite Sun 16-Jun-13 17:12:33

It's been a few years since we were there, but I would suspect at least £20 per adult and £10 per child. Do they have their menu online.

It really depends on whether you like to drink, want three courses, or fillet steak.

bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Sun 16-Jun-13 17:08:33

Just been browsing this myself - the kids menu is £12.50 per child, but they charge more for the activity packs (£3 I think) and drinks/desserts as well. I've just priced a meal for myself and my DD, and worked out it would be about £50.

Checking out Planet Hollywood as per above recommendation, and found this which I've just applied for. For Planet Hollywood you get 50% off the meal price for 2 people. I can't see a kids menu though, so I'm assuming there isn't one and you have to order from the main menu. Price wise for myself and DD, it works out a lot cheaper than the Rainforest Cafe.

mixedmamameansbusiness Sat 15-Jun-13 09:47:59

We went quite a long time ago and found a mouse under our seats. They were not bothered and just swept it up. It is very dark and I didn't think much of the Rainfirest atmosphere, somewhere like Planet Hollywood far superior in my opinion.

MotherOfSuburbia Mon 10-Jun-13 14:02:56

We love it there - but it is loud. Expect a queue to get in if you go at a busy time. Food quite pricey but not outrageous - a couple of my children only eat chips so that brings the price down!

Here's a 15% off voucher:

Bowlersarm Sun 09-Jun-13 15:49:57

You definitely go for the experience, not the gastronomic delight.

I'm not sure on prices either. It's a nice thing to do though, even if it's a one off and you decide not to go back again.

EleanorFarjeon Sun 09-Jun-13 15:48:58

I would say at least about £40. But I would also avoid it as I think it's a bit pants. The food, imo is very poor quality. I know you don't go to these places for the food though, and it is quite good fun for very young kids.

tolstoycat Sun 09-Jun-13 15:46:43

Sorry, can't advise on prices, (think they have a website thought, so you could check that way) but we have been several years ago and it was dark, dirty, very loud and service was poor, so unless it has improved drastically I would steer clear - sorry!

frazzled74 Sun 09-Jun-13 15:43:23

How much is this likely to set me back for 1 adult and 2 young Dcs for lunch? And will it be worth it, as a one off treat?

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