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Day Pass Centreparcs Oasis Whinfell? Would you go?...

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winniewoo Fri 26-May-06 20:33:01

Thinking about a day pass here as a treat for my DS 5, 3 and 5months. Thought it would be nice and warm for DS first swimming experience or will it be a nightmare this week with it busy most of the time? Is the Sports Bar any good to eat and any other tips would be helpful oe perhaps there might be some other pool complex nearby? It would cost £34 for family of five..shall I just go for it?

winniewoo Fri 26-May-06 21:02:12


dyzzidi Fri 26-May-06 21:04:33

The sports bar is overated there is a nice italian which was nicer and cheaper. I would go for it but beware you may need to book the restaurant in advance.

It was two years since i was last there

winniewoo Fri 26-May-06 21:30:11

Thanks dyzzidi.. I take it the pool area is very geared up for kids?

lexiemum Sat 27-May-06 08:22:59

pools are geared for kids - they will provide float jackets for older 2 but you'll need a seat float for baby. there's a toddler pool with slide and waves not too bad in big pool if you are on the edge.

try the pancake house at lunch time - probably a out door climbing frame and swings next to it.

think sensibly about what you are going to carry around with you - its a long walk to the car.

you need to go to pool first for when it opens - you need to get in quick to get the best chairs by the toddler pool and bag a play pen!

if you never been before - I would get into the pool area first - get yourself sorted and kids playing and then send dh off to do a reccy so you can plan the rest of the day

roisin Sat 27-May-06 09:05:34

Winniewoo - my boys enjoyed CP pool 18 months ago when they were 7.5 and 5.5 and are desperate to go back. However, it is huge and quite challenging in places. There is a little children's area, which is fine. But if your 3 and 5 yr-old want to explore further (and mine would at that age) they will need one-to-one supervision. Tbh I'm not sure I'd do a CP day pass at that age.

I didn't know such things were available though, unless you were a guest of someone staying there. Damn! We've just booked a weekend in Jan, if I'd known we could go just for the day we'd have done that instead.

winniewoo Sat 27-May-06 20:22:13

Hi everyone...thanks for all advice. We went today!! It was great but exhausting for the 3 yr old. They loved the pool and we were lucky with the seats by the toddler area. Took my old trusty pram which has space underneath and the car seat comes off so was able to take in which was handy. At Pool for about 2 hours...walk through forest to see wildlife then had late lunch at the Sports bar which was just ok and know more but has soft play area so it's the same old story..if the kids are happy so are you!
Did the adventure golf after that while baby was sleeping then ice cream and home. All in all we were there for about 5-6hrs and it cost £34.00..ok for a treat but obviously as the kids get older they will get more out of it but then there is all the extra costs for activities. At least when they are smaller all the things they enjoy are included in entry, walk, adventure playground, soft play. Got to say was quite happy to be coming home! Not so sure if CP for me. Day passes must be booked through the tourist info in Penrith and you can go in from 9am until 11pm at night.

winniewoo Sat 27-May-06 20:25:46

BTW were def right about the exploring pool husband was a bit run ragged looking after them while I sat with baby but we did enjoy..not too relaxing though..AQua San place looked fab!! I can dream......

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