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Science Museum on a Sunday?

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ISpyPlumPie Sun 02-Jun-13 15:01:55

We're going to London for a few days (Sat -Tue) with DS1 (3.5) and DS2 (6 months). One of the main things we are planning a visit to the Science Museum. We had been thinking of doing this on the Monday on the basis that it won't be as busy, but I've just checked the website and The Garden (which I think is the main interactive bit aimed at under 5s) is shut for maintenance on the Monday and Tuesday we will be there.

Now considering whether to go on the Sunday instead, but just a bit worried it will be stupidly busy - DS1 is not the most patient of souls, especially when awaiting his turn on anything interactive! I realise that some crowds/queuing are inevitable (and we do visit museums etc in the North West at the weekend fairly regularly with reasonable success grin) but wondering whether it will be busy on an altogether different level.

Alternatively, if we go on the Monday are there enough other things there to keep DS1 occupied? (DS2 will be in the sling throughout and is currently easily pleased)

Would love the views of anyone with experience of visiting the Science Museum with a very enthusiastic but not very patient pre-schooler.

mikkii Sun 02-Jun-13 21:08:08

We went to the history museum last year on a Sunday with DS (then almost 8) and DD1(5) and DD2 (21mths). I was a bit concerned when there was a queue outside, but inside was not too bad.

JohnnyTroddy Thu 20-Jun-13 12:04:51

I agree Museum of London is really one of the best place to visit in England.. I am just truly admired by the richness of the place.

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