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Urgent help, day out tomorrow, very specific needs

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Tomorrow we are planning a day out tomorrow with 3 teenagers plus younger siblings, we were planning to go to Clumber Park but the weather is planning on being awful so now we need somewhere with some inside activity, and somewhere to play (when it is not raining).

The families are from near York, Peterborough, and Derbyshire please help me find somewhere.

Ps, we do know our children won't melt in the rain but the teenagers won't half complain!!

soaccidentprone Mon 27-May-13 17:59:23


Doncaster dome?

Leeds armoury?

Woolthorpe manor?

NorthernLurker Mon 27-May-13 17:59:46

Meadowhall? The teenagers would love that grin Or the designer outlet at York has an undercover play area.

YOu could look at Brodsworth Hall. The play area is outside I think but there's inside stuff too and you could leave the teens in the cafe whilst little ones wear raincoats and wellies outside? It's off the A1 in South Yorkshire so accessible for all.

Thank you thank you thank you! I have messages the other parents, either Magna, M'hall or the Dome is on smile you have saved our day!

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