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A week in London with a 2 1/2 yr old?

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PrincessOfChina Sun 12-May-13 15:08:06

We've found the South Bank good for a toddle - we've often walked from the Eye down to Tate Modern and in for some cake.

Any of the parks are good for a sunny day. I think there's a farm/zoo in Battersea Park and a City Farm at Mudchute.

DD would also get taken on a super exciting trip to the HUGE John Lewis and to TopShop but fortunately I have trained her well for such things!

happyAvocado Sun 12-May-13 15:03:34

kimberlina Sun 12-May-13 15:01:26

Any suggestions?

Already planning
-London Zoo
-Boat ride
-Richmond Park
-Natural History Museums
-poss London Eye
-poss Legoland

Any other ideas that would be doable with a 2 yr old?

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