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Legoland friday July 19th 1 day or 2/Q-bot or not?

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Rosvita Tue 16-Apr-13 23:10:22

Hi all,
We are going to LL for son's birthday on school inset day 19th July.I am going to book a package next week when I will have the £ for it,either through LL website or super break/budget break website staying at premier inn/Novotel Heathrow or slough.anyway was wondering whether I go for £120 option of 1 day in park or £160 for 2 days in park? Would not consider Q-bot if there for 2 days but may consider it if only going for 1 you think Q-bot necessary if only there for 1 day? There are 2 adults,Ds 4 and dd 2.Where do you go to get a Q-bot?
Where/when do you pay for your parking too?-remember reading something about it but can't remember what it said!thanks in advance.

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Fri 19-Apr-13 21:14:57

Pay for parking when you arrive at the ticketbooth where you show your entry ticket.

1 day visit and nice weather? = def Q-bot
1 day visit = Q-bot will make your day much more relaxed, no stress so well worth it.
2 day visit and nice weather? Qbot one day and no qbot day 2?
It wont be MEGA busy but it will be European school holidays so the park will be full of holidaymakers, locals etc.

Have fun!

Rosvita Sat 20-Apr-13 21:12:06

Thanks for reply.can't really afford 2 days and q-bot so was really a question of whether 1 day with it or 2 days without it?!roll on Monday then I can book!

difficultpickle Sat 20-Apr-13 21:19:19

Local private schools have all broken up by this date so it could be busy but obviously not as busy as main school holidays.

Fanjita Sun 21-Apr-13 09:41:40

Have you got any tesco vouchers you can use for one day entry? That makes a huge difference. We splashed out and hired a q-bot and it was definitely worth the money for us with a 6 yr old and 3 yr old as they wouldn't have had the patience to queue. We went in August though. The boys still talk about it and really want to go again this year. Have fun smile

Rosvita Sun 21-Apr-13 14:23:48

I get tesco vouchers at Christmas so stupidly wasted them all on toys this christmas just gone-planning on keeping them this christmas for days out next year!i have 2 vouchers for free adult entry with paying child which I could use but once you pay for a hotel on top of that it works out about the same just to buy a hotel package for £118 for one day park entry or £160 for two days park entry.i'm worried if I just do 1 day packeage I'll regret not doing the 2 day package but don't want to spend more than necessary so perhaps 1 day with q-bots if needed would be better than 2 days with no q-bot (wouldn't really want to spend out for q-bots on top of 2 days.

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