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The LEGOLAND 2013 Thread Top tips and recommendations

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NoRoomForMeInMyBed Fri 15-Mar-13 15:31:21

To update from last years great threadlink to the 2012 thread

The park reopens today!!! I cant go until in a few weeks time , so if you have been, please update with this years new attractions and fun!! (Overexcited mummy here....)

MummyUmizoomi Sun 25-Aug-13 22:19:59

Gampy, to get from the CP hotel DO NOT USE JCT 6, the traffic is bad bad bad and you will be stuck in traffic. Get off the M4 at jct 5 go into Datchet, then on to Old windsor, then windsor taking a left up the great park and follow the signs from there. Much easier and no traffic.

Jaufre Tue 27-Aug-13 22:15:13

I've got a question re the legoland hotel - we're staying one night and going into the park both days.

I read on the 2012 thread that you can go and put your stuff in a locker in the hotel on day 1, but can you do that in the morning and go into the park early with people that stayed overnight or can you only get the headstart if you slept there the night before?

hope that makes sense...

WindUpBird Thu 29-Aug-13 19:13:58

Does anyone know if you can visit the Star Wars walk-through bit before the rest of the park opens? It's not clear (to me!) from the map whether the Star Wars bit is in 'The Beginning' zone, or after the actual gates...

Also, they announced on their Facebook page today that they were sold out for the next few days and aren't issuing any more tickets...the problem is I have pre-ordered Q Bots for next Mon but not the tickets as I have a 2for 1 voucher that can't be pre-booked. Presumably they will still let me buy a ticket??? I will ring in the morning to check but if anyone here knows, that would be great. Thanks!

MummyUmizoomi Thu 29-Aug-13 20:19:32

windupbird starwars opens with the rest of the park, as theres to queues for it i would save it for when you are queuebotting for viking river splash or sim.
Not sure re tickets, ring and ask! Have fun!

GampyWabbit Thu 29-Aug-13 23:38:29

Arghh, just realised (duh!) that we are now in the same situation as windup! We have QBots ordered for Sunday, tesco vouchers printed and a hotel booked for Saturday night. I hope they will let us in shock

GampyWabbit Fri 30-Aug-13 08:14:29

Windup - I read the responses from legoland on facebook. it says people with tesco vouchers / 241 vouchers are fine. People can pay on the door, just not book online I think. Sounds like it's going to be busy.

WindUpBird Fri 30-Aug-13 15:04:16

Thanks for the replies!

N1kk1 Fri 30-Aug-13 20:59:16

Oh I love Legoland! We took our 4yr old and nearly 2yr old at the beginning of the summer.

My top tips (forgive me if they've been said!)

Don't attempt laser raiders straight after the pirate show. Everyone heads that way and it's the longest time to queue.

Head back to your favourite ride about 25 mins before the park closes. We went straight through on Atlantis and then straight through again. We were the last ones of the day.
And try to sit towards the front of the submarines... the back doesn't have as many windows!

Unless you are going to leave before closing time, don't bother rushing to the car park, stroll through the park, perhaps use this time to see the actual lego built stuff. The car park is always a nightmare to get out of so there's no point in rushing.

We found food rather expensive and not very good on our previous visit, so this time we took a picnic. The boys loved having a picnic and didn't feel they'd missed out. (older kids might have a different opinion though!!)

Overall... have a fab day!

GampyWabbit Fri 30-Aug-13 23:20:00

Ooh thank you Nik - I am making notes for this weekend!

LadyintheRadiator Sat 31-Aug-13 20:03:38

I have read this thread a few times over and wonder if I am mad to consider taking my 5 year old tomorrow? Just me and him, would arrive just before 10 (first shuttle bus), happy to pay for q bots and food. Might be the only chance I have to take him, he is desperate to go...any thoughts?

MummyUmizoomi Sat 31-Aug-13 21:29:07

Go go go! Get qbot and have fun!!!

LadyintheRadiator Sun 01-Sep-13 07:08:39

Thanks, we're off!! smile

gingerroots Sun 01-Sep-13 20:22:38

Help please?!we are at the holiday inn slough/Windsor going to legoland tomorrow.we have just tried to buy the basic qbots & they aren't available.does any one know if you can actually buy them on the door?we are also worried about actually getting in now,does anyone have any advice?thanks

GampyWabbit Mon 02-Sep-13 00:06:37

Sorry for late reply Ginger (we only just got home and to bed After a full and fun packed day at Legoland).

It was our first time there and we followed the advice on here and had a brilliant time.

We arrived and parked in car park C at 9am. We had tesco tickets and prebooked qBots, but people who didn't just queued up to pay to get in. We were early, but it did get busy quick as was last day if school holidays. However, overall it really didn't feel too busy at all, which was a pleasant surprise.

The QBots were excellent, but might not be necessary tomorrow as most schools are back??? We did loads today, but still didn't manage everything!

Have a great time! grin

GampyWabbit Mon 02-Sep-13 00:07:39

And you can buy the QBots there if necessary.

kiriwawa Sun 08-Sep-13 17:00:30

Thanks so much for this thread - it was really helpful smile

We went on Wednesday (INSET day) which was ace as nearly all the other children were pre-schoolers, meaning there were no queues for the rides with height restrictions.

My top tip - if you go on a hot day, don't get water from any of the stalls - their fridges are tiny and they'll end up restocking with lukewarm water before lunch. The big shops (ie the ones that sell toys/clothes) all have full sized drinks fridges selling coke and water. And if you can't see any water bottles left, there may be some on the bottom shelf right at the very back which you can only see if you get right down (it was 28 degrees so this may not be an issue on most days grin)

And if you want to go on the splash thing in Duplo, get there really early. There was no queue in the morning but by the afternoon it was enormous

PrincessLuna Mon 16-Sep-13 21:41:52

This thread is great!

Anyone have any idea if we'll need QBots last Sunday in September?

MummyUmizoomi Wed 18-Sep-13 09:39:24

Luna, if th weather is fantastic then maybe a qbot is a good idea, if the weather is cold you will be fine. Dress for outdoor cold though, as said before, there is very little shelter at LL, and you ar outside all day. Have fun!smile

ToniBasil Sat 28-Sep-13 09:52:42

Going with a 7 week old DD and 5 year old DS (and a 47 year old DH!) ... Do I just manage with a sling for DD, so I don't have to worry about bugaboo getting nicked/no-where to park it/can't get it on rides eg train that start in one place and get off at another etc....

Bugaboo makes life easier for carrying bags, but might be more of a hindrance than a help...

Advice please!

caz05 Sat 28-Sep-13 17:18:43

Tonibasil I would defo recommend taking a pushchair. All day in a baby carrier might be a bit hard on both of you. Do you have a cheaper stroller you could take instead? There are Buggy's you can hire at legoland (between £10-20 I think depending on single or double) but I don't think they will Suitable for a 5 month old.

caz05 Sat 28-Sep-13 17:19:23

Opps sorry meant 7 week old.

ToniBasil Sat 28-Sep-13 17:21:27

Thanks Caz (my actual nickname!)....will take the buggy methinks

MummyUmizoomi Sat 28-Sep-13 20:17:01

ToniBasil, legoland is very pushchair friendly, and quite safe, ive never had a problem with any of my naice pushchairs. I usually leave clothes and picknick on the pram when i leave it to goon rides and nothing usually gets removed so dont worry. The only ride where you get on and off different places is the hilltrain, which you bring the pushchair onboardin the yellow carriage.
Bring the pram and enjoy your day out!!!

LedaOfSparta Mon 30-Sep-13 12:20:08

I'm taking a 1yo and the DSs aged 6 and 8 on the first day of the half term holiday. Will is be busy do you think?

It has to be that day as they're group tickets that have been prebooked. The boys have been to Disney and were happy to queue for 20-30 mins there but I'm undecided about getting the qbots for the trip.

Any advice would be welcome!

TeamSouthfields Tue 01-Oct-13 18:46:00

I went yesterday.... walked straight onto rides, no ques and weather was ok

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