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The LEGOLAND 2013 Thread Top tips and recommendations

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NoRoomForMeInMyBed Fri 15-Mar-13 15:31:21

To update from last years great threadlink to the 2012 thread

The park reopens today!!! I cant go until in a few weeks time , so if you have been, please update with this years new attractions and fun!! (Overexcited mummy here....)

Stinkyfeet Sat 16-Mar-13 13:05:11

It's really quiet today!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Fri 22-Mar-13 20:30:21

We're going next Tuesday and Wednesday - me and ds's (4 and 7).

I've read last year's thread - any new top tips for this year?

Car parking - how much is it and do I buy the ticket as we arrive or as we leave?

I've read on the website about having the dc measured at the start so we know exactly what rides they'll be allowed on, and getting them stickers in case they get lost both from guest services - is that easy to find and are these things worth doing?

How do the child swap thing work on rides where I can only accompany one of them at a time?

Thanks for any help you can give me - I'm a bit nervous but excited!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Fri 22-Mar-13 20:31:20

Oh, and any predictions on how busy it might be?!

I think we'll do day 1 without q bits and then review the need for them for day 2 (they'll push my budget a bit beyond).

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Sat 23-Mar-13 21:53:41

Hi!! Just went for the first time this season, there is still a lot of construction going on around the duplo area and fairytale brook was closed sad, but the new hero construction room looked cool!

Parking is £2, you pay at the ticket booth as you arrive. To the right after the ticketbooths you will find guest services they will measure the kids and give them wristbands so they dont have to be measured at each ride. This is purely volountary but is handy when the child is just borderline and likely to be refused at some rides and allowedon others. Guest services also have wristbands that you write your phonenumber on if your DC gets lost.

Child swapping is easy, when you get to the front of the queue just say, ive got two, and they will get one child to stay with the staffmember whilst you go on the ride, then you go straight to the front of the queue and hop on with the next child whilst the other child waits. Its pretty straight forward. The staff know what to do.

If the weather is nice next week it will be packed, but if its cold you will have a fab day with no queues! Dress warm!!! Bring spare jumpers!! Have fun!!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 24-Mar-13 14:59:50

Brilliant - thanks for that. We knew from the website that lots of duplo land will be closed - not to worry about that.

Thanks for the reassurance about the child swap system, that sounds ideal.

I'm definitely going to get them both measured and get the wristbands just in case - the is the biggest trip I've taken them in by myself (long journey, overnight hotel, 2 days in Legoland and long drive home!) so anything to make it go as smoothly as possible will be appreciated!

I'm hoping now that it stays cold! We can wear plenty of layers including thermals and we have waterproofs for any wet rides. If queues are small then we can stay on the move and hopefully not get too chilly!

What about eating there? I'm expecting it to be pricey, but I'm not going to lug picnics around on top of all the spare clothes and snacks so we will be eating both lunches there, and possibly evening meal on Wednesday before the drive home.

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Sun 24-Mar-13 19:36:20

Weve just been for a couple of hours this afternoon ( we live locally so are lucky enough to treat it as our local playground, we have annual passes which are brilliant.)


Legoland is an outdoor park, there is very little shelter and only a few places to pop indoors to warm up so please dress warm! 50% of the people there today were in FULL SKI GEAR, Snowsuits, hats gloves kids in cozytoes and blankets, and they were all having a brilliant day out!
The other 50% all needed their heads examined...there is a place for ballerina pumps and white cropped jeans, and it defenitly isnt Legoland at -1 and snowing!

There are quite a few water rides so FULL SNOW GEAR, rain gear and waterproofs are a very good idea, hats gloves etc. Coffee and Tea are available but pricey so bring a nice flask!

The (fantabulously brilliant) pirate show isnt running whilst its very cold, if it warms up a bit they will try to run but if its colder than 9 degrees they will not do the water stunts, instead do the land only show. The pirates were all out on the steps today at show time apologizing for not doing the show but its simply too cold. They are a fantastic bunch of people, its the same guys every year, all super brilliant with the kids. Today they were all challenging the kids to swordfights and posing for pictures whilst freezing in their costumes.
If you want to find out more about the pirates the lovely Matt Kaye (one of the pirate regulars) has a blog telling you all about it.

IWISH RE food, at the top there is the Hilltop cafe that sells sandwiches, this might be a good place to have some tea before you go home, otherwise most of the restaurants do free or cheaper kidsmeals after 3. If you want sandwiches for lunch just take the hilltrain up and get your sandwiches and you will be back down in no time!;)
The Pizza and Pasta buffet place opposite the pirate show place is nice, the pizza is fresh and tasty. also the rotisserie in the knights kingdom is lovely. I would avoid avoid the burger place, its rank, I once got served a burger but they forgot the meat so I ended up with a salad sandwich....
The family buffet at the top overlooking the drivingschool has had a bit of a facelift so might be worth a try!
Otherwise try the Loch Fyne fishplace up the road towards Ascot, search for LOCH FYNE WOODSIDE , its 5 mins up the road from legoland and lovely.
Again the HARBOURSIDE COFFEESHOP is small but do nice coffees and cake, the icecream place next door do fresh doughnuts, a must for when watching the pirate show!!!

Where are you staying? Let me know and I can recommend a local place to eat if you want to! If you are staying at the LL hotel, the barfood is supposed to be better than the restaurant buffet, but you cant beat the buffet for kids food and the sundae

Re Qbots, if you do get them, just get the basic one. We used them once in the school holidays when we had visitors, and by the time you are on one ride, book the next and walk there you are on straight away. there is no need for a more expensive one unless you want to RUN between rides....;)

Have fun!

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Sun 24-Mar-13 19:48:12


Apart from the lovely LL hotel, the closest B&B is Park Farm B&B in Windsor, 2 mins down the road. I have not stayed or been there so know nothing about it.

The SLOUGH COPTHORNE AND THE SLOUGH HOLIDAY INN, are a very very easy drive away, very handy, but the dual carriage way between SLOUGH and WINDSOR gets very busy in rushhour so leave early to get to LL if you stay there. YOu will probably get better rates there than the Windsor hotels, but the area is indstrial and not very picturesque.

The WINDSOR Holiday Inn and Windsor Travel lodge are great, the Travellodge is on the High street pedestrian Zone, so handy for everything, but you need to book early to get a good rate.

There are a few lovely hotels in Windsor itself. the Datchet Manor hotel is lovely of you want a village location, there is a Premier Inn in Chavey down near Ascot, or Innkeepers Lodge in Old Windsor, all handy for LL.

bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Sun 24-Mar-13 20:22:20

Marking my place, I'll be back later with lots of questions!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 24-Mar-13 20:47:29

Thanks NoRoom.

I think we will go in full ski gear - i've just seen the weather forecast on Countyfile and it's not going to warm up for our 2 days. We've got all the gear so I think we'd be mad not to use it.

We're staying in the Heathrow Premier Inn - nothing flashy but very good value!

I imagine that we'll want a hot meal at lunchtime to warm us up - we'll avoid the burger place as ds's aren't burger fans. Apart from that the rest sound good.

One last question - is the parking all directed by attendants or do you get a choice of where to park? If the latter, do you have any tips on best parking places?

Ruprekt Sun 24-Mar-13 20:59:44

NoRoom.....where do you live? We are in Warfield and use LL as a playground too! smilesmile

Somermummy1 Sun 24-Mar-13 21:14:29

Also marking place. Hoping to take DCs this summer. Just been looking at the hotel deals. Pretty blinking expensive but am tempted. Slight risk that 5 yo DS might spontaneously combust with excitement though if we stayed there

So thanks for the hotel recommendations !

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Sun 24-Mar-13 21:17:09

Ruprekt were in Windsor! Weve probably crossed pathes then! smile
Iwish there are usually staff to direct you to parking, but if you follow the carparks around and scoot into carpark C, then go to the top where the disabled spaces are, you are very close to the entrance! They tend to fill A and B first, then C, D and then the overflow muddy field...if you end up in the field you might as well go home as the queues will be

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 24-Mar-13 21:27:59

Is scooting around to car park C as easy as it sounds?

While I'd love to park nice and close to the entrance, in reality I'll probably be so relieved to have made the 2 1/2 hour drive that I'll happily be herded into whichever one they point me to!

Rosvita Sun 24-Mar-13 22:43:59

Hi all.
We are planning on Legoland for my son's 5th birthday in July.he has an inset day on Friday 19th July so we were planning on driving up early i. The morning,visiting LL for that day,overnight hotel stay then driving back on the Saturday.We have booked the premier inn Windsor slough through so we can cancel right up to the day with no charge (was tempted by the 2 day stay packages in LL website but didnt want to pay now or commit to it just in case of weather etc.)
2 questions will we need a q-bot? And do you know with the free adult vouchers for a paying child can we use 2 vouchers at the same time ie pay for both kids and get adults free (daughter only 2 but would be cheaper to pay for her as a child and get second adult free).
Thanks on advance.

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Mon 25-Mar-13 19:43:41

rosvita I know nothing about vouchers but Im sure someone else will come along and help!
Re Qbots, you should be fine in july, but i you find its too busy just pop up to the Qbot room and get one! There is a qbot shed down in the park too near the hotel where you can get them. Dont panic!smile

Iwish dont worry re parking, even if you get the furtest spot away you are only 3 mins walk from the entrance, its not a massive place!!! Just park and follow the crowds, you will be fine!! Get there early, get through the gates etc and get organized, go to the loo etc. They will keep you up on the square until 10.00 when they let you down the hill to the park. If you are parked up by 9.30 you are in perfect time!
The Heathrow prem inn, if its the one on bath road/longford, its got a mcdonalds nxt door, but not much else. There is a pub down the road but ive never been. Ask to get a room overlooking the runway, the kids will love it! You have planes landing and taking off every 40 secs, the kids might not want to go to LL??!?! smile

IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 25-Mar-13 20:14:07

Don't think we'll be there by 9.30am tomorrow, we've got a 2 3/4 hour drive! We'll just follow instructions for the parking. We'll aim to get there for 9.30 on Wednesday though to get a full day in.

The hotel has got a restaurant that we'll eat at - I'm not going to make life any more complicated than it needs to be. Good tip about the rooms - I've got a phone number so will give them a call to see if that will be possible. The boys would love it and the reviews say that it's well sound proofed so we should get some sleep!

All skiing gear is packed - layers and layers with a few more spare layers!

Kithulu Mon 25-Mar-13 20:52:48

We are going for the last weekend on Easter hols. On a stay and play deal, but in a hotel 30 mins away. Were we mad? is the journey going to be traffic hell?

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Tue 26-Mar-13 11:23:50

iwish have a fab day today!!! Let us know how your adventure went!!!!
kithulu where are you staying? If its windsor slough way maybe if its bracknell way traffic wont be bad. Dont worry you will be fine!smile set of early and stay until closing, then have tea before you leave!smile

Iamcountingto3 Tue 26-Mar-13 11:32:29

marking my place smile

boysrock Tue 26-Mar-13 11:43:16

Also place marking as we're going in summer. [Smile]

poppy1973 Thu 28-Mar-13 19:13:39

Just got back from legoland today, had a two day pass (which was purchased for us as a gift).

Tips - yes we nipped round to get into the top of B carpark - as close as possible to C carpark that we could get into. Cost is £3 a day. Pay at the booth when you get your tickets.

We were shocked by the prices for items in the park. Varying prices of £2.50 to £2.75 for a coffee. Sweet shop shocked me. £4.50 for a small tub that the children can pick and mix in. Wouldn't do that again. Most of the drinks soft are about £2.50 - so take your own drinks.

We bought some chips and drink and chicken from one of the eating places near to the log flume ride. £5.50 each for the childrens package for food.

Ice cream - one scoop was £2.95 (I think). Doughnuts are between £3-4 for 10 small ones.

However, my children enjoyed the following items:

The 4D lego theatre show is really worth going to - we went to the 11.30am showing and was really good. They start at 11.30 and are every half an hour from then.

We didn't hang around for the pirate show - but all the other families said it was good. Start at 12.00 and are every 2 hours I believe.

The coffee shop in the square near to the pirate show seemed to be one of the few places that was warm to have a drink. £2.75 for a coffee. Upstairs in the coffee shop was really hot so we went in there to warm up. However the upstairs did look like a wreck as the cafe assistants obviously hadn't been upstairs to tidy up and clear away all day !!!

The children like the spinning spider ride, the water rides were a real hit with them. Atlantis is worth a visit - children liked the submarine. Riding school on the cars were good - but we didn't buy the photo id for it. A bit pricey between £6-8.

Some of the items weren't open - which was a shame. Duplo for the little ones isn't ready until May.

It is all open and it was cold - my children wore ski gear, hats, scarfs, mittens to keep warm. But the wind was bitter and there isn't really any places to shelter.

Don't bother going into the Egyptian pharaoh ride - we assumed there wasn't a queue but there was - they make you go into and queue, and then see through 10 at a time - then you have to queue again until you get to a ghost train ride - where you have to use a laser and zap a few yellow spots. We queued and it was quiet - about 25 mins. for a 5 minute ride-both my children didn't like it and thought it was silly.

Lots of staff around - all helpful and friendly. The rest of the rides were fairly easy and quick for us to get into. But it was cold and windy on the first day and today was pretty cold - however, it did seem slightly busier today. Just got cold from the queues in the open.

Some people walked around with the Q-bot devices (they are meant to cut the queuing time). Didn't need them in the cold weather as there really weren't any bad queues. They also were pricey - I am sure I saw a price of £70 - not sure how long this was hire for and for who.

Buggy to hire - I think was £8 for a single buggy for all day - which didn't seem bad - if I had know this on the first day then I would have hired one for my toddler and not have carried them when they got tired.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Thu 28-Mar-13 22:28:34

We were there on Tuesday and Wednesday and had a fantastic time.

Thanks to NoRoom we all wore our ski gear and were thankful for it. It is after all an outdoor attraction. There were lots of very cold looking people wearing coats and hats/ gloves so I think having warm legs and feet made a big difference. Lots of local school children arrived just before 4pm and they looked cold in their blazers and caps / shorts and long socks!

We queued minimally during both days - boat driving and the small dragon roller coaster were the longest queues at about 10 minutes each. We went straight into Atlantis every ride and the boys both enjoyed that. On day 2 both driving schools had extra cars on, and ds1 ended up going on 5 times!

The driving licences were pricey but we bought the 4 photos for £20 package so we got 2 driving licences and 2 other photos for that price. The photos can be bought at the ride, then the ticket presented at the Roaming Photos booth back at the entrance as you leave - very good so that they don't get squashed!

SQUID racers were enjoyed by both ds's. ds1 is only 2 cms under the height limit to ride alone, but there's no way he'd have managed to turn the wheel himself so it's best to ride with them until they're a fair bit bigger and stronger.

Parent swap worked really well whenever we needed it - just ask the ride attendants.

The Que-bot booths weren't even open as it was so quiet - I can see that they would be good on busy days if you can afford it (£15 per person per day for the most basic).

The 4D clutch Powers show in the Imagination Centre was excellent - both ds's are still raving about it!

Laser Raiders was enjoyed by all - the queues must get horrific judging by the amount of bollards that we walked through but we waited no more than 5 minutes and both ds's loved shooting their laser guns (I won though - obviously!).

We took drinks and snacks, but did eat in the pizza/pasta buffet which was good and very efficient and had tea in the Hilltop Cafe before leaving yesterday. They do mini pizza, jackets, fish fingers, panini s and lego shaped chips (v cool!). We also stopped in the coffee shop just to the right of the pizza place - upstairs is like a sauna and by far the warmest place that we found though it needed a good clean when we were there too. Lots of the food outlets are still closed this week - probably because it's still so quiet. The food and drink aren't cheap, but are no more expensive than any other tourist attraction in my opinion. As it was so cold, taking a picnic wasn't an option. There are places to eat picnics though.

Guest services is just on the right as you go in and if your dc are right on the limit of being able to ride then they can be measured there and give an official wristband saying that they are over 90cms to save hassle at each ride.

We parked in B2 and C1 which were both well positioned. I paid for parking both days (£3), but as we left quite late the bollards were open each time so I probably could have got away without paying!

We stayed in the Heathrow Premier Inn on Bath Road. It has a nice restaurant - children ate free for dinner and there is the usual good Premier Inn breakfast included in the price (we paid £130 for 1 adult and 2 dc for the hotel and 2 days in Legoland and got a £5 voucher for any purchase over £35). We had a room overlooking the airport which was fine on the whole but not for the 45 minutes or so late at night when they must have swapped runways and some massive planes were taking off - the sound proofing wasn't up to that!).

I hadn't factored that the M4 east would be so busy at about 6pm blush so by time we'd stopped to change ds's into pj's for the drive home, I had to peg it to get to the stretch around Bristol before it closed for the night due to the traffic management roadworks!

All in all we had 2 brilliant days and I would definitely do it again next time our school holidays are different to lots of others!

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Sat 30-Mar-13 20:38:35

Poppy and Iwish great that you had a good time, and thanks or coming back and letting us know how you got on! smile

Kithulu Sun 31-Mar-13 12:58:39

We are due to be staying at Hilton Basingstoke. 30 min drive away I hope it wont be too bad.
Its great reading these reviews, getting really excited! Lego shaped chips!!grin

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